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Ballot Measure Details

Election Results

Pass / Fail: Advisory
Yes: 47.80%
No: 52.20%
Election Date: November 2016

Jurisdiction: Bothell
County: King, Snohomish
Subject: Other

Ballot Measure Text: Advisory Proposition No. 1 Sale, Possession and Discharge of Consumer Fireworks in the City of Bothell. The Bothell City Council is calling for an advisory election to determine whether the sale, possession, and discharge of consumer fireworks should be prohibited within the City of Bothell. The prohibition of the sale, possession or discharge of consumer fireworks would not affect properly licensed and permitted public displays of fireworks.

Shall the sale, possession and discharge of consumer (commonly referred to as safe and sane) fireworks be prohibited in the City of Bothell?

MRSC note: Voters narrowly opposed a ban.