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Law Enforcement Records Management and Disclosure

Law Enforcement Records Management and Disclosure

MRSC, in partnership with SAO, has created a series of webpages to help police and sheriff departments manage their records and comply with disclosure and retention laws.

In Focus

Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks Report A recent Federal Highway Administration report, Case Studies in Delivering Safe, Comfortable and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks, provides an overview of pedestrian and bicycle network principles and highlights examples from communities across the country. February 5, 2016

Emerging Issues and Featured Practices

Tiny Homes: Regulation and Zoning

As tiny homes continue to gain in popularity, our dated zoning and building/construction regulations create significant barriers against them. Here is an overview of things to consider in the regulation of tiny homes in local communities.

New Strategies to End Homelessness

A look at some innovative examples of homeless prevention strategies from other places across the country.