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Budget Suggestions for 2016

Budget Suggestions for 2016

This comprehensive guide for preparing your city’s or county’s 2016 budget includes revenue and inflation forecasts, budget calendars, 2015 legislation summaries, and more.

In Focus

Oakland, Calif.’s Real-Time Crime Map Uses Data to Drive Community Engagement Users can view the latest criminal and emergency activity on a map as it is filtered through the Oakland Police Department’s 911-dispatch system. More from Government Technology. August 3, 2015

Emerging Issues and Featured Practices

Government Performance Consortium

Join MRSC's multi-faceted initiative, supported by the SAO's Local Government Performance Center, to engage forward-thinking government leaders in a collaborative exploration of the next horizon of modern government in Washington State.

Utility Liens and Shut-offs

Use this step-by-step guide to help determine under what circumstances your utility has a lien or is authorized to shut off service to enforce payment of delinquent accounts.