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Our Partners

Primary Funding

The majority of MRSC's funding comes from a small portion of city and county liquor revenues distributed by the State of Washington. Pooling these resources allows us to provide services to all 281 cities/towns and 39 counties, regardless of their size or resources, in a cost-efficient manner that saves the individual jurisdictions a significant amount of staff time and legal/consulting fees.

Contract Partners

MRSC also serves hundreds of special purpose districts and other government agencies across Washington State through contracts with:

Sustaining Partners

MRSC would also like to extend a special thank you to our Sustaining Partners, whose support helps ensure that our services will continue to be available to local governments regardless of their size or resources.

Sustaining Partners also get full access to our one-on-one Ask MRSC research service, and our top partners are recognized in our webinars and e-newsletters reaching thousands of local government staff and officials statewide.

Interested in becoming a Sustaining Partner? Contact Aimy Enriquez at or visit our Sustaining Partnership page to learn more!

Premier Partner

Executive Partner

Strategic Partners

Basic Partners