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Stormwater Funding

This page provides information on stormwater funding for local governments in Washington State.

Funding Sources

Sewer and Stormwater Conservation and Efficiency Loans

Legislation was passed in 1998 (Laws of 1998, Ch. 31) implementing a constitutional amendment approved by voters in November 1997 allowing municipal storm water and sewer utilities to make loans for storm water and sewer conservation and efficiency. It is codified as RCW 35.67.360 - Conservation of storm water and sewer services - Use of public moneys.

Counties, cities, towns, and special districts can use utility operating revenues to assist homeowners and businesses in acquiring and installing materials and equipment that will conserve or allow for more efficient use of municipal storm water and sewer services. The amendment to the state constitution expanded the authority already available for energy (weatherization) and water conservation assistance, and established that these loans are not an improper loan of public credit. The loans provided another tool for local governments to work with utility customers in improving municipal water, sewer, and storm water services to better address the critical water quality and habitat conservation issues facing our state.

Local Government Programs

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Last Modified: October 11, 2018