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Water Quality Reports

About Water Quality Reports

State and federal drinking water rules require Group A community water systems to produce and distribute an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to customers by July 1. A “customer” is anyone who regularly drinks water from the system. Group A community systems regularly serve 15 or more year-round service connections, or 25 or more year-round residents for 180 or more days per year. The rules also require water systems to provide a copy of their CCR to the Department of Health Office of Drinking Water (ODW) by July 1, and a completed CCR certification form no later than October 1. To help identify individual reports and properly track and record receipt of CCRs, ODW asks systems to submit the form and CCR together before the July 1 deadline.  From Fact Sheet: Consumer Confidence Reports , Washington State Department of Health, DOH PUB. #331-209 (Rev.),  January 2010.

This webpage provides samples formats used by various jurisdictions to provide the required water quality reports to their customers.  For more information on the regulations see:


Special Districts

Last Modified: September 28, 2016