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2017 Budget Calendar for Cities and Towns

This calendar shows the 2016 deadlines for each of the budget preparation steps for preparing a 2017 city or town budget as provided by Washington State statute.The annual budget requirements for cities and towns are listed in chapter 35.33 RCW and for code cities in chapter 35A.33 RCW, as amended.

We recommend that each city and town develop a time line that best meets their needs, assures compliance with the statutes, and provides sufficient time to prepare this vital financial plan

A detailed explanation of the budget preparation requirements, deadlines, and procedural tips are provided on Budget Preparation Procedures for Cities and Towns.

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Note: Dates shown are the statutory deadlines. RCW 35.33.031 actually provides “on or before the second Monday of the Fourth month,” etc. Therefore, pursuant to budget law, that step (and certain others) could be taken before the dates listed. See also, RCW 35A.33.030.

Last Modified: July 27, 2016