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Creating a Community Mission Statement

This page provides examples of local government mission statements from Washington State, as well as recommended articles about developing a mission statement.


Local governments in Washington are not required to adopt mission statements. However, a well-crafted mission statement can capture in a short, concise paragraph the purpose of the organization's existence and what actions it takes to fulfill this purpose.

Mission statements are directly connected to vision statements but, whereas a vision statement describes the desired future state of the organization, the mission statement describes how that vision will be achieved. Ideally, mission and vision statements are crafted through a collaborative process that involves a wide array of community stakeholders and elected officials, usually as part of an overall strategic plan.

Examples of Local Mission Statements

City Mission Statements

County Mission Statements

Special Purpose District/Departmental Mission Statements

Recommended Resources

The following are selected articles about developing a vision statement for local governments and nonprofits.

Last Modified: February 22, 2019