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Moral Nuisances

This page contains statutes and sample ordinances regarding moral nuisances in Washington State, such as prostitution and public indecency.


Sample Moral Nuisance Ordinance Provisions

  • King County Code Title 12 - See Ch. 12.63 - Prostitution and Ch. 12.63A - Antiprostitution Emphasis Areas
  • Lakewood Municipal Code Ch. 9A.09 - Public Indecency, Prostitution, Sex Crimes
  • Pierce County Code Ch. 9.45 Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution Orders
  • Seattle Municipal Code Ch. 12A.10 - Offenses Against Public Morals
  • SeaTac Municipal Code Sec. 2.45.575 - Crimes related to sexual activity and park loitering.
  • Shoreline Municipal Code Sec. 9.10.560 - Sexual offenses - Unlawful Acts of Prostitution or Pandering
  • Spokane Municipal Code Ch. 10.06 Offenses Against Decency and Morality
  • Tacoma Municipal Code
    • Ch. 8.150 - Prohibition of Sexual Encounter Establishments
    • Ch. 8.46 - Prostitution
    • Ch. 8.170 - Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution
  • Tukwila Municipal Code Ch. 8.50 - Crimes Relating to Public Morals
  • Whatcom County Code Ch. 9.12 - Moral Nuisances

Recommended Resources

  • Prostitution - National Criminal Justice Reference Service Topics
  • The Big Book of Nuisance Abatement, by William Cameron, City Attorney of Kennewick; Gary McLean, City Attorney of Des Moines; and Robert Noe, City Attorney of Tukwila, Information Bulletin No. 503 (1999), Legal Notes, Proceedings of April 28-30, 1998,  (Available through MRSC Library Loan)
  • Prostitutes, Winos, Druggies, Thieves and Other Public Nuisances: Procedures for Their Control and Abatement by Place and Area Access Restrictions, by Greg A. Rubstello, City Attorney of Pasco, Information Bulletin No. 451 (1988), Legal Notes, Proceedings of October 22-24, 1987 (Available through MRSC Library Loan)

Last Modified: December 20, 2016