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Washington State Statutes/Administrative Codes - Housing


This page contains the most relevant sections of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC) regulating housing and housing development. See also MRSC's page on Federal Statutes and Housing Law.

General Housing Policy and Programs

  • Washington Housing Policy Act - Ch. 43.185B RCW
  • Affordable Housing Program - Ch. 43.185A RCW
  • Homeless Housing and Assistance - Ch. 43.185C RCW
  • Affordable Housing Program (Washington State Department of Commerce) - WAC 365-200
  • Housing goal (Growth Management Act) - RCW 36.70A.020 (Item 4)
  • Mandatory housing element - (Growth Management Act) - RCW 36.70A.070 (Item 2)
  • Affordable housing incentive programs (GMA jurisdictions) - RCW 36.70A. 540
  • Housing - (Washington State Department of Commerce) - Coordination duties - RCW 43.63A.650
  • Housing - (Washington State Deptartment of Commerce) - Technical assistance and information, affordable housing - RCW 43.63A.660
  • Housing Cooperation Law - Ch. 35.83 RCW

Housing Finance/Assistance

  • Housing Finance Commission - Ch. 43.180 RCW
  • Housing Finance Commission - Title 262 WAC
  • Housing Assistance Program (Housing Trust Fund) - Ch. 43.185 RCW
  • New and Rehabilitated Multiple Unit Dwellings in Urban Centers. (Property tax exemption for multifamily in cities over 100,000 or in largest city in county.) - Ch. 84.14 RCW
  • Emergency mortgage & rental assistance program. (Rural natural resource impact areas.) - RCW 43.63A.610 (through 645)
  • Low income housing - Loans and grants (cities and towns) - RCW 35.21.685
  • Home security fund account - RCW 43.185C.060.
  • Transitional housing operating and rent program - RCW 43.185C.210 - RCW 43.185C.215
  • Affordable housing land acquisition revolving loan fund - RCW 43.185A.110
  • Affordable housing and community facilities rapid response loan program - RCW 43.185A.120
  • Home matching fund (Pilot program - homesharing for more efficient use of available housing.) - RCW 43.63A.670 - RCW 43.63A.680
  • Allocation of single family bonds among local housing agencies - WAC 365-70
  • Optional exemption from impact fees for low-income housing - RCW 82.02.060(3)

Housing Authority

Specific Housing Types


Nonprofit Property/Housing

  • Nonprofit homes for the aging - RCW 84.36.041
  • Nonprofit property used to provide housing for persons with developmental disabilities - RCW 84.36.042
  • Nonprofit property used in providing emergency or transitional housing to low income homeless or victims of domestic violence - RCW 84.36.043
  • Nonprofit property used to provide rental housing for very low-income - RCW 84.36.560


Federal Statutes and Housing Law

See MRSC's page on Federal Statutes and Housing Law for examples and references from U.S. Code and Regulations on Housing.

Last Modified: December 02, 2015