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Graffiti Control and Regulation

This page provides examples of Washington local government ordinances and programs that control and/or regulate graffiti, including a list of applicable statutes.


Graffiti on public and private property continues to be a problem in many jurisdictions. The following list of programs and ordinance examples from Washington State reflects the variety of approaches that jurisdictions have taken to control and/or regulate graffiti. Sample ordinance provisions include those that prohibit the sale and possession of aerosol paint and markers to minors, and those that require removal of graffiti within a specified time period. The latter may include removal by the perpetrator if known, or the property owner. Some of the provisions provide detailed notice and hearing procedures.


  • RCW 9A.48.090 – Malicious mischief in the third degree - Makes acts of graffiti malicious mischief in the third degree.
  • RCW 9A.48.105 – Criminal street gang tagging and graffiti
  • RCW 4.24.190 – Action against parent for willful injury to person or property by minor - Monetary limitation - Common law liability preserved. - Imposes financial responsibility on the parents of minors involved in acts of graffiti in some circumstances.

Examples of Local Programs and Ordinances

Last Modified: November 09, 2020