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Sewer Utilities

This page provides general information about sewer utilities in Washington State, including information on statutes, administration, and funding.


Sewer utilities, whether operated by a city, county, or special purpose district, have these common goals;

  • Develop comprehensive sewer plans for sewer systems;
  • Provide for collection, treatment, and disposal of domestic, commercial, and industrial wastewater in accordance with federal and state regulations;
  • Establish rates for collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater that provide adequate revenue for administration, operation, maintenance of the sewer system;
  • Provide for customer billing services and processes that are fair, equitable and in compliance with accepted accounting principles.




Sewer Rates

Planning - Comprehensive Sewer/Wastewater Plans

lanning for Sewer/Wastewater Systems

  • King County System Planning
  • Kitsap County Wastewater Infrastructure Taskforce (WIT) - Discusses the planning, funding and construction of sewer infrastructure within the urban growth areas (UGAs), as well as prepare policy recommendations and technical documents for implementation.

Comprehensive Sewer/Wastewater Plans

Regulatory Provisions


Biosolids are sewage sludge that is a primarily organic, semisolid product resulting from the wastewater treatment process, that can be beneficially recycled and meets all applicable regulatory requirements. The Washington State Deparment of Ecology Biosolids page provides laws and rules, permitting process, permits and related forms, guidelines, annual reports, FAQs, links to related resources, and contact information. MRSC provides links to some of the local givernment waste water biosolid programs.

Biosolids Programs

Biosolids References

Recommended Resources


  • PennWell Corporation, WaterWorld Magazine, Industrial WaterWorld and Water Wastewater International - An online news and technology source serving engineers, managers, and consultants in the Water/Wastewater Industry Worldwide
  • Water and Wastes Digest


Wastewater Providers in Addition to Cities and Towns

Last Modified: August 23, 2017