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Utility Billing and Collection

This page provides links to all of MRSC’s resources related to local government utility billing and collection in Washington State.

General Information

  • Utility Billing Procedures – General guidance on utility billing procedures, including deposits, combined utility accounts, billing and water leak adjustments, and more.
  • Utility Discounts and Financial Assistance Programs – Information on utility discounts for low-income or disabled customers, as well as voluntary contributions and conservation discounts.
  • Utility Charges and Property Transfers – Overview of utility charges during property sales and transfers, including who is responsible for charges, final billings, and more.
  • Identify Theft Red Flags Rules – Overview of federal “red flags rules” requiring financial institutions, utilities, and other creditors to set up programs aimed at reducing identity theft.

Internal Controls

Delinquent Accounts

  • Collection Practices for Delinquent Utility Accounts – Overview of various collection practices available to utilities for delinquent utility accounts, including collection agencies, courts, payment plans, liens, and shutoffs.
  • Utility Service During Bankruptcy – Information on a municipal utility’s legal rights in relation to customers in bankruptcy.
  • Utility Liens and Shutoffs Tool – Interactive, step-by-step guide to help determine whether and under what circumstances a utility has a lien or is authorized to shut off service to enforce payment in specific situations

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Last Modified: May 14, 2019