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Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports

Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports

Report No. 64, January 2009

In 2008, the Washington State Legislature adopted legislation (codified primarily in Chapter 53.19 RCW) designed to improve public contracting for port districts. The focus of this legislation is personal service contracting by port districts:

The legislature hereby establishes a policy of open competition for all personal service contracts entered into by port districts unless specifically exempted under this chapter. It is further the intent to provide differentiation between the competitive procurement procedures for personal and professional services contracts.

This legislation directed the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) to develop guidelines for the effective and efficient management of personal service contracts in cooperation with the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA). Chapter 53.19 RCW also directs that ports entering into or amending personal service contracts after January 1, 2010 must follow the policies adopted by their commission, which must be based on those guidelines.

Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports Appendices

This set of appendices includes a comprehensive set of sample documents from various port districts and reference materials from non-port entities. All documents are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.


The sample documents in these appendices are presented solely as examples of what the contributing port districts have used. No representation is made that these are specifically applicable to another port's unique contracts or contracting procedures. Be sure to review any of these documents with your port's legal counsel before use. (Note: PSC = Personal Services Contracting)

Appendices A: Included Only In the Manual

Appendices B: Quick Start Helps (4 Documents) (Also Included in Chapter 2 of the PSC Manual)

Appendix C: Annotated 2008 Legislation (SSHB 3274) (1 Document)

Appendices D: Sample Policy and Procedure Documents (10 Documents)

Appendices E: Sample Personal Service Contracting Documents (22 Documents)

Appendices F: Sample Non-Port Reference Documents (5 Documents)

Last Modified: December 17, 2019