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Street Banners


Street banners are used for a variety of purposes. Some are informational to promote or to advertise community events, others are decorative and are used to enhance the ambiance of the streetscape.

Regulations governing banners depend on the jurisdiction and who has authority over the street. Signs, banners, and decorations over state highways are governed by the Washington State Department of Transportation. Banners on city streets, that are also part of the state highway system, are referred to the city for approval. The state Department of Transportation has jurisdiction on state highways in unincorporated areas and has the authority to regulate banners. The department maintains authority on limited access roadways, in both incorporated and unincorporated areas.

This page provides examples of how cities regulate street banners. See Sec. 7.7, Banners, of the Washington State Traffic Manual.

Statutes and Regulations

  • RCW 47.36.030 - Traffic control devices - Specifications to counties and cities - Signs, banners over highways
  • WAC 468-95-148 - Event signs, banners, and decorations
  • Washington State Traffic Manual Sec. 7.7 - Banners , 04/2011

Local Street Banner Provisions

Last Modified: May 13, 2016