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Street Trees


This page covers topics related to street trees and planting strip landscaping. They are considered part of the urban forest. For planning topics, see MRSC's Urban Forestry page that includes master plans. The Streetscape Topics page provides information on green streets, street beautification, and use of street edges.

Street Tree Programs

  • Are Small Trees Always Appropriate As Street Trees?, by Michael Kuhns, Extension Forestry Specialist, Utah State University Cooperative Extension
  • Community Forestry, Cornell University, Urban Horticultural Institute - Provides information on community forestry planning, conducting a street tree inventory and resources to help you implement your master plan, from choosing the right trees and how to plant them to working with people to maintain and improve the urban forest
  • Safe Streets, by K.L. Wolf, College of the Environment, University of Washington, 2010 - This article surveys the research on roadside vegetation benefits, and the scientific evidence concerning city trees, and transportation safety - Alternate title: Safe Streets - A Literature Review in Green Cities: Good Health
  • Vancouver, B.C Board of Parks and Recreation Street Trees Management Program

Street Tree Plans

Street Tree Regulations

Street Trees, Sidewalks, and Utilities

Tree Root Damage

Tree Trimming for Utilities

Emergency Tree Removal Procedures - Storm Cleanup

Leaf and Waste Wood Removal

Planting Strip Landscaping

Last Modified: January 08, 2016