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Bicycle Regulations and Operations

This page includes basic information on the regulation of bicycles for local governments in Washington State, including information on bike safety and bike sharing, as well as examples of local regulations.


The following are selected statutes that relate to local bicycle regulations and programs.

  • RCW 46.61.750 - .790 - Rules of the Road - Operation of Nonmotorized Vehicles (Laws relating to Bicycles)
  • Ch 35.75 RCW - Streets - Paths - Bicycles
  • Model Traffic Ordinance Bicycle Provisions

Local Government Bicycle Regulations

This section includes selected bicycle regulations from local governments in Washington State.

Bicycle Parking and Storage

This section presents specific bicycle parking standards and includes some design resources that provide basic guidance in developing bicycle parking facilities.

Requirements and Standards

Design Resources

Bicycle Sharing Programs

Bike-sharing systems let people check out a bicycle to ride from one point in the city to another for a small fee. Cities in other states, such as Denver, Boston, and Chicago, have been leading the way in developing bike-sharing programs in the U.S.

Seattle introduced a bike-sharing system in 2014, but the program ended in 2017 due to low ridership. Some blamed the city's rainy weather, hilly topography, and busy streets, while others blamed the city's mandatory helmet law, lack of protected bike lanes, limited service area, and program management. In 2017, Seattle began using privately run, stationless ("dockless") bike sharing programs.



Recommended Resources

For more on bicycling in general, see the following.

Last Modified: November 20, 2017