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Truck Routes and Weight Restrictions


Local authorities are authorized by RCW 46.44.080 to prohibit the operation of motor trucks or other vehicles and to impose limits as to their weight under certain circumstances. However, local authorities may not prohibit the use of any street designated by the State Transportation Commission as forming a part of any primary state highway or impose any restrictions or reductions in permissible weights unless the restrictions are first approved in writing by the State Department of Transportation. This statute also requires that the local authority imposing such restrictions do so by proper ordinance or resolution, and it must erect and maintain signs designating the provisions of the ordinance at each end of the public highway affected. The statute further provides that no such ordinance or resolution shall be effective until such signs are erected and maintained.


Ordinance Provisions

  • Algona Municipal Code Ch. 10.16 - Vehicle Weight Limits and Regulation of Large Motor Vehicles
  • Bellevue Municipal Code Ch. 11.70 - Regulating the Kinds and Classes of Traffic on Certain Streets
  • Burien Municipal Code
    • Ch. 10.20 - Size, Weight and Load Regulations
    • Ch. 10.30 - Special Permits and Permit Procedures (Drivers and Vehicles)
  • Clallam County Code Ch. 9.33 - Bridge Weight Limits
  • Clark County Code
  • Issaquah Municipal Code Ch. 10.36 - Truck Routes
  • Longview Municipal Code Ch. 11.68 - Load Limits - Truck Routes
  • Seattle Municipal Code Ch. 11.62 - Regulating the Kinds and Classes of Traffic on Certain Streets
  • Shelton Municipal Code Ch. 11.40 - Load Restrictions and Street Closures
  • Spokane Municipal Code
  • Tacoma Municipal Code Ch. 11.55 - Heavy Haul Industrial Corridor
  • Whatcom County

Information Resources

Last Modified: April 28, 2016