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County Road Standards

This page provides information on county road standards in Washington State, including legal requirements and examples of local standards.


Ch. 35.78 RCW requires cities and counties to adopt uniform definitions and design standards for municipal streets and roads. Standards for arterials are set through RCW 35.78.030 and RCW 35.78.040 by a state design standards committee in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). These uniform design standards apply to all new construction on major arterial and secondary arterial roads and streets and to reconstruction of such roads and streets as far as practicable. No deviation from the adopted design standards may be made without approval of the state aid engineer.

The County Road Administration Board (CRAB) sets administrative standards and provides oversight for the county road departments of each of the 39 counties, who are required by law to provide road design standards to WSDOT.

Examples of County Road Standards

The following are selected examples of road standards from Washington counties.

Last Modified: September 22, 2016