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MRSC's Automated Phone System

To speak with one of MRSC’s staff members, you may call us at 206-625-1300 or 800-933-6772. Our staff members handle phone calls regarding a variety of programs and services, including our Ask MRSC service, our MRSC Rosters program, trainings and webinars, association support and conferences, and other issues.

Beginning in July 2019, we rolled out a new automated phone system to help direct calls to the right people. While automated phones are common in this day and age, we realize that this will be a significant change for some of you who are used to calling and talking to our receptionist. But once you have selected one or two phone options, you will quickly be able to talk to a live human being on the other end.

We will occasionally switch off the automated system if needed. For instance, we will turn the system off shortly before each one of our training webinars, recognizing that anyone with questions about how to access the webinar or experiencing technical difficulties will need immediate assistance.

Switching to an automated system will allow us to stretch our resources further by allowing our administrative staff to spend less time routing calls and more time on other important local government projects.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. about the automated phone system, please send your feedback to