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Municipal Forms

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Description Date Jurisdiction
Right-of-way permit franchise application 05/2004 Anacortes
Inspection sheets: pond, vault, catch basin, swale nd Anacortes
Petition the legislative authority of Asotin County, State of Washington, to call for an election so that a Board of Freeholders shall be elected for the purpose of framing a county "Home Rule" charter to provide for the formation and government of combined City (Cities) and County Municipal corporation to be known as CityCounty." 09/2012 Asotin County
Escrow agreement for retained percentage 1/00 Auburn
Affidavit of marriage/domestic partnership - Association of Washington Cities nd AWC
Escrow agreement for the investment of retained percentages of a contract in accordance with Ch. 60.28 RCW 12/00 Bellevue
Franchise utility only right-of-way use permit application 12/2007 Bellevue
Bellevue Police Department Public Records Request 2012 Bellevue
Application for residential parking zone decal Bellingham
Overheight fence request 12/08 Bellingham
Rezone application 3/2011 Bellingham
Procedure for zone/rezone application 12/05 Benton City
Inspection forms regional/commercial sites 07/2009 Bothell
Recording document routing form 02/2012 Bremerton
Right of entry agreement 2010 Brier
Performance and goals evaluation form 01/2010 Burien
Colleague review 01/2011 Burien
Sample second notice letter to property owner regarding nuisance 07/03 Burien
Limited right of entry agreement form 2003 Burien
Right-of-way use permit application 2009 Burien
Administrative violation notice of a nuisance form for removal of a nuisance from property; per Ordinance 383, Ch. 8.45 - Nuisance code 7/03 Burien
Application for utility equal payment plan Cashmere
Application for sign permit Cashmere
Building permit application Cashmere
Final short plat/short subdivision review Cashmere
Conditional use permit application: professional office building Cashmere
Utility reimbursement agreement application nd Cashmere
Application for medical marijuana collective garden 07/2011 Castle Rock
Banner permit application and agreement Centralia
Stormwater detention facility inspection form 10/2007 Clark County
Infiltration Facility Inspection Coupeville
Surface water management drainage pond facility inspection 04/2009 Coupeville
Surface water management drainage conveyance inspection 05/2009 Coupeville
Surface water management drainage tank facility inspection report 07/2009 Coupeville
Surface water management corrections report summary list 07/2009 Coupeville
Surface water management drainage tank facility inspection 09/2007 Coupeville
Surface water management drainage system inspection 10/2007 Coupeville
Special events permit application 12/07 Coupeville
Vendor list application 12/2008 Covington Water District
Certificate of water availability 11/2004 Des Moines
Community center/park facility volunteer rental points application 09/2011 DuPont
Utility application/update form nd DuPont
Water utility rental authorization form to inform city when a new tenant is scheduled to commence or terminate renting their home and where “Gap” bills (in-between renters) are to be mailed. nd DuPont
Detention facility checklists; pond inspection checklist, vault inspection checklist 07/2009 Duvall
Use of city resources policy employee acknowledgement form 09/2011 East Wenatchee
Annual business license application 01/2014 Entiat
Parades/block parties/special events permit 07/2011 Enumclaw
Design review application form 12/08 Enumclaw
Stormwater drainage checklist for detention ponds, trashracks and other facilities 07/2009 Everett
Utility tax rebate for senior citizens 1/10 Federal Way
Sign installation certificate 1/11 Federal Way
Business license application: resident 07/10 Ferndale
Vendor list application 2010 Ferry County
Application for Fife City Council Position #7 06/2011 Fife
Special events permit application Fircrest
Fisherman Bay Sewer District application agreement to construct extension to sewer system Fisherman Bay Sewer District
Event permit application and indemnification agreement 10/10 Friday Harbor
Client assistance memo - special event permit Gig Harbor
Application for special event permit Gig Harbor
Private project development performance bond 2010 Gig Harbor
Salary waiver letter for councilmember nd Ilwaco
Application for city council vacancy 1/2011 Issaquah
Retainage release checklist 2006 John Carpita
Event promotion request - hotel/motel tax funds Kennewick
Hotel/motel tax fund application checklist Kennewick
Notice of intent to petition for annexation Kennewick
Event report - lodging tax funds Kennewick
Request for extra-duty officers, Kennewick Police Department 04/2011 Kennewick
Code enforcement request for investigation form nd Kennewick
Small works roster form 2015 Kennewick Irrigation District
Vendor list request form 2015 Kennewick Irrigation District
Professional services application 20152 Kennewick Irrigation District
Temporary construction easement 09/2009 Kent
Go Dog, Go! Festival and Dog Walk vendor and sponsorship application form 03/2012 Kirkland
Asset disposition form nd Kirkland
Detention facilities maintenance inspection sheet nd Kitsap County
Lateral police office application 4/11 Lake Stevens
Street Excavation and Obstruction Bond Lakewood
Fire department burning permit application (piles larger than 10 feet by 10 feet) Longview
Banner placement permit application Longview
Application for motor vehicle permit Longview
Open burning permit application (piles smaller than 10 feet by 10 feet) Longview
Special sales license application Longview
Street use permit application Longview
Utility rate relief application Longview
Application for admissions license 11/02 Longview
Sign permit application 12/09 Longview
Real estate rental license application 3/2002 Longview
Application to perform work on a public right-of-way 3/2008 Longview
Application for political signs permit 8/04 Longview
Special event application for small events Mercer Island
Dangerous dog declaration Mill Creek
Potentially dangerous dog declaration Mill Creek
Urban Structure Program Development Impact Fee - Application instructions and form Miscellaneous
Sample petition for election to reorganize from mayor-council form of government to council-manager form of government in a code city 06/2013 Miscellaneous
Sample layoff letters from Washington Cities and WCIA 11/2012 Miscellaneous
Declaration of domestic partnership - City and county of San Francisco nd Miscellaneous
Youth advisory committee application 07/2009 Mukilteo
Taxi or vehicle for hire business license fee calculation sheet 1/10 Mukilteo
Application for appointment to fill vacancy on town council 2011 Naches