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Below is the complete list of local government resolutions and ordinances in our Sample Document Library. You may also search ordinances/resolutions by keyword using the search box below.

If you have sample documents you would like to share, please send them to MRSC Librarian Gabrielle Nicas.

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Documents 901 - 917 of 917

Description Date Jurisdiction
Woodland Ordinance No. 1457 – Declaring intent to annex City of Woodland to Clark County Fire and Rescue District (2020) 2020 Woodland
Woodland Resolution No. 720 – Delegating COVID-19 Authority to Incident Management Team (2020) 2020 Woodland
Yakima Ordinance No. 2001-36 – Initiates the reformation of a parking and business improvement area in downtown Yakima (2001) 2001 Yakima
Yakima Resolution No. R-2001-102 – Approves lease of the Yakima Convention Center to the Yakima Regional Public Facilities District (2001) 2001 Yakima
Yakima Resolution No. R-2008-114 – Disestablishes Parking and Business Improvement Area No. 1 (2008) 2008 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2010-28 – Annexes the Washington Heights Annexation area (2010) 2010 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2014-006 – Dissolves the Transportation Benefit District (2014) 2014 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2015-027 – Annexation for municipal purposes (2015) 2015 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2016-12 – Addresses unlawful camping and unlawful storage of personal property on public property (2016) 2016 Yakima
Yakima Resolution No. 2016-135 – Recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day (2016) 2016 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2017-030 – Amends municipal code to allows Community Development Director to approve final subdivision plats (2017) 2017 Yakima
Yakima Resolution No. R-2017-120 – Authorizing execution of agreement to adjust boundary lines with Union Gap pursuant to RCW 35.13.310 (2017) 2017 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2018-029 – Repeals municipal code chapter relating to Pit Bull Dogs (2018) 2018 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2019-003 – Adopting a classification and compensation plan for city employees (2019) 2019 Yakima
Yakima Ordinance No. 2019-014 – Annexing property pursuant to the alternative direct petition method (2019) 2019 Yakima
Yakima County Ordinance No. 14-2017 – Establishing a Health Sciences and Services Authority (2018) 2018 Yakima County
Yelm Ordinance No. 1046 – Adopting Model Business License Requirements and BLS Partner Procedures (2018) 2018 Yelm