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Other Local Government Documents

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Description Date Jurisdiction
Aberdeen City Charter 11/85 Aberdeen
Homelessness: Break the Cycle, 10-Year Plan For Adams County 2006 Adams County
Tourism assessment and strategic plan 10/2014 Airway Heights
2012 Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) Delivery Plan - 03/2013 Alderwood Waste Water District
Performance evaluation form for nonexempt employees Anacortes
Performance appraisal form for management employees Anacortes
Greenhouse gas inventory and proposed climate action plan, prepared by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability for the Northwest Clean Air Agency and the City of Anacortes 11/2006 Anacortes
Memo from human resources administrator re: waiver of benefits for employees with family members who have "double coverage" 6/5/02 Anacortes
Aerial map of streams, riparian habitat zone, floodplain and floodway: Old Town and Island Crossing 06/2009 Arlington
King County local voter's pamphlet - Proposition No. 1 - Auburn transportation benefit district general obligation bonds 03/2012 Auburn
Establishes guidance for assessing responsibility for maintenance and repair of the side sewer located within public right-of-way and easements 09/2001 Auburn
City debt, debt limit and debt capacity report 11/96 Auburn
Auburn Municipal Court Feasibility Study, prepared by Sue E. Freeborn 1990 Auburn
Developer public facility extension process summary 3/09 Auburn
Real Estate Excise Tax (REET)Flexibility – HB 1953. Local real estate excise tax funds can now be used to operate and maintain existing capital facilities 07/2011 AWC
Bainbridge Island LID Checklist Bainbridge Island
Change in form of government to do list Bainbridge Island
Poulsbo-Bainbridge Island municipal court task force staff report 10/10 Bainbridge Island
Salary commission philosophy 11/08 Bainbridge Island
Water, sewer and SSWM utility rates: presentation of results 11/09 Bainbridge Island
Cottage housing white paper 12/07 Bainbridge Island
City manager performance evaluation overview 2/11 Bainbridge Island
Mutual action plan--self-evaluation form nd Bainbridge Island
Water System Emergency Response Plan 05/2011 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Cross Connection Control Program 07/2009 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
General Terms and Conditions Applicable to Water and Sewer Service 01/2012 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Water and Sewer Service
Direct petition for annexation Bellevue
Tourism commission strategic plan 2011 - 2016 01/2011 Bellevue
Bellevue Mission and Vision Statements, A Report to our Citizens, 2010 - Includes organizational core values 02/2010 Bellevue
2014-2016 Enterprise Technology Strategic Plan 03/2014 Bellevue
Eastside Building Services Outreach Program - In 1998, the Eastside cities of Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, and Redmond joined together to offer a unified process for building service permits by sharing information, agreeing upon standards, and pooling resources. The program integrated into 04/1999 Bellevue
Public hearing on the draft medical cannabis collective gardens land use code amendment and city council direction on medical cannabis and recreational marijuana 07/2013 Bellevue
Bellevue and Kirkland court study, final report 09/08/1992 Bellevue
Study on the need to regulate the location of adult entertainment uses 09/1987 Bellevue
Letter from City of Bellevue to Senator Gorton - Stance on Tri-County ESA Discussions 10/2000 Bellevue
Parks and natural areas levy, November 4, 2008 Voter Initiative Fact Sheet 11/08 Bellevue
City Council Study Session - Renewable solar energy leases on city-owned property 2/11 Bellevue
B&O tax code deviations from core model ordinance 2005 Bellevue
News Release 7-22-08, City council approves park levy 7/08 Bellevue
Information Technology Department 2010-1011 annual performance measures nd Bellevue
Latecomer application packet Bellingham
Latecomer contract information Bellingham
Comparison of 2013 TIF Base Rates in Western WA Including Average and Median TIF Rates(), data compiled by Chris Comeau, AICP, Bellingham Public Works Bellingham
Preliminary feasibility study to identify, analyze, and compare potential intersection and roadway approach alternatives 08/2009 Bellingham
Comcast cable franchise renewal final project report, prepared by: Marty Mulholland, Director of I.T. Services Department 09/2011 Bellingham
Comcast cable franchise renewal final project report, prepared by: Marty Mulholland, Director of I.T. Services Department 09/2011 Bellingham
PowerPoint for Television and Video: A Quick Reference Guide 10/10 Bellingham
Fences, walls and hedges brochure 11/08 Bellingham
Initiative 2011-01 - Requires the removal of any automated cameras used to issue tickets for stoplight, railroad crossing, and school zone violations installed under a 2010 ordinance and prohibits the installation of such cameras to issue tickets, unless approved by City Council and a majority of voters at an election, and limit the penalty to the lowest parking ticket fine 11/2011 Bellingham
Technical Study of Bellingham's Residential Development Code and Design Guidelines: Summary of Recommendations 12/2004 Bellingham
A comparison of 2013 transportation impact fees base rates in 60 cities and 5 counties in Western Washington with Whatcom County cities and Bellingham's Urban Village TIF reduction highlighted for emphasis, compiled by Chris Comeau, AICP, Transportation Planner, Bellingham Public Works 12/2-12 Bellingham
Procedures for filing petition for annexation (information for applicant) 2003 Bellingham
Application for annexation 2003 Bellingham
Annexation petition form - registered voters 2003 Bellingham
Annexation petition form - property owners 2003 Bellingham
B&O tax code deviations from core model ordinance 2004 Bellingham
Pictorial map of Bayview Cemetery 2008 Bellingham
Bayview Cemetery brochure 2008 Bellingham
Process to appoint an interim councilmember following death of councilmember 3/07 Bellingham
Multifamily Residential Design Handbook for the purpose of establishing design standards for residential development under the design review process specificed in BMC Title 20 4/01 Bellingham
Consolidating Services and City Government, Bingen, White Salmon Washington, 1973 09/1973 Bingen
Spring special collection and recycling event 03/2006 Black Diamond
Memorandum to council re decennial redistricting plan 05/2011 Blaine
Request for council action, recommends that council authorize the city manager sign the purchase order with Owen Equipment to purchase the new Elgin Crosswind Sweeper 2/10 Blaine
Bonney Lake's response to MRSC query on street lighting practices with illustrating documents: street light policy development; street light detail; development checklist; street light criteria; street light priority; street light plan 11/06 Bonney Lake
Blyth Park master plan 04/2012 Bothell
Shoreline Master Program; Exhibit A, City Council Findings, Conclusions, and Decision; Exhibit B, Shoreline Element of the Imagine Bothell... Comprehensive Plan; Exhibit C, Shoreline Restoration Plan; Exhibit D, Amended Bothell Municipal Code Title 13 05/2012 Bothell
Guide to formation of a municipal court 07/1994 Bothell
The park at Bothell Landing master plan 10/10 Bothell
Bothell’s Climate Commitment: Strategies to Meet Our Goals, report written for Terrie Battuello, Assistant City Manager by Cascadia Consulting Group, Inc. 12/2008 Bothell
Fire and EMS service delivery study; evaluation of options for supplying fire and medical emergency services within city limits 3/29/04 Bothell
The Roadmap: setting the course, a strategic financial plan 6/05 Bothell
KCCHA as Revitalization Agency: Bringing Bremerton back from the brink 07/2002 Bremerton
Excerpt from market analysis in Bremerton downtown regional center subarea plan 12/2007 Bremerton
Code Enforcement/Abatement Program, 1998 AWC Municipal Achievement Awards entry 1998 Bremerton
Comprehensive emergency management plan, adopted by Resolution 2988 3/06 Bremerton
Kitsap Cooperative Services Feasibility Study 6/07 Bremerton
Guidelines for redevelopment 4/08 Buckley
North Highline Governance Study, Final Study Compilation, Nesbitt Planning & Management, Inc. 01/2005 Burien
Provision of police service assessment 08/2011 Burien
Fiscal Analysis of a North Highline Annexation, Final Report BERK 11/2011 Burien
North Highline Annexation Report Review Draft and Appendices 12/04 Burien
B&O tax code deviations from core model ordinance 2005 Burien
2009 cemetery master plan 03/2010 Camas
Civil service commission rules and regulations 12/10 Camas
Strategic Marketing Plan: Overcoming Development Barriers and Positioning Castle Rock for Success 05/2005 Castle Rock
Article on joint operation of fire service, from Centralia Your City, March/April 2006 Centralia
Improved emergency services, Centralia Newletter, September 2003 9/03 Centralia
Chelan County Superior Court ruling that upholds Wenatchee’s moratorium on the issuance of permits for the production and sale of marijuana 10/17/2014 Chelan County
Brae Burn Mosquito Control District - Notice of special Election on the formation of the district. 1999 Chelan County
Leavenworth Mosquito Control District - Petition to form Chelan County Mosquito Control District #2, Leavenworth 8/02 Chelan County
Charter of the Mision Ridge Public Development Authority 9/00 Chelan County
Leavenworth Mosquito Control District - Notice of Special Meeting on the formation of the Mosquito Control District #2, Leavenworth 9/02 Chelan County
Engineering design standards 02/2011 Cheney
Staff Report on Stormwater Utility Funding and Implementation 1997 Cheney
Layoff/Recall and Severance Package, from the collective bargaining agreement between Clallam County and Teamsters Local 589 Clallam County
Layoff language from the collective bargaining agreement between Clallam County and the Washington State Council of City & County Employees, Local 1619MP (Managers & Professional staff) Clallam County
Secs. 4.8 and 4.9, 03/2000 - Layoffs from Clallam County Uniform Personnel Policies and Procedures 03/2000 Clallam County
A GEM of an Idea - Employees Try to Share, Save Alike - Article from the Spring 1999 T2 Bulletin, WSDOT Clark County
Joint lobby fact sheet 07/2014 Clark County