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Below is the complete list of "other" local government documents in our Sample Document Library that do not fall under any of our other categories. If you have sample documents you would like to share, please send them to MRSC Librarian Gabrielle Nicas.

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Description Date Jurisdiction
Aberdeen City Charter 11/1985 Aberdeen
Tourism Assessment and Strategic Plan – Airway Heights (2014) 2014 Airway Heights
Alderwood Waste Water District 2012 Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) Delivery Plan - 3/2013 Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Water Service Shut Off Notice – Alderwood Water & Wastewater District (Undated) Undated Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Mid-Biennium Budget Adjustment Calendar – Anacortes (2017) 2017 Anacortes
Anchorage Corporate Sponsorship Policy 10/2007 Anchorage
Arlington aerial map of streams, riparian habitat zone, floodplain and floodway: Old Town and Island Crossing 6/2009 Arlington
Poulsbo-Bainbridge Island Municipal Court Task Force Staff Report 10/2010 Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Water, Sewer, and SSWM Utility Rates Presentation of Results, 11/2009 Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island LID Checklist 1994 Bainbridge Island
To-Do List for Changing Form of Government – Bainbridge Island (2009) 2009 Bainbridge Island
Transportation Impact Fee Rate Study – Bainbridge Island (2015) 2015 Bainbridge Island
Road Striping Project – Bainbridge Island (2017) 2017 Bainbridge Island
Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District General Terms and Conditions Applicable to Water and Sewer Service 1/2012 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Water System Emergency Response Plan 5/2011 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Cross Connection Control Program 7/2009 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Bellevue Direct Petition for Annexation Bellevue
Bellevue Study on Location of Adult Entertainment Uses 1/1988 Bellevue
Bellevue Parks and Natural Areas Levy Fact Sheet 11/2008 Bellevue
Bellevue Renewable Solar Energy Leases on City-Owned Property 2/2011 Bellevue
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Bellevue (2005) 2005 Bellevue
Enterprise IT Strategic Plan – Bellevue (2015) 2015 Bellevue
Bellingham Annexation Petition Form, Owners 10/2003 Bellingham
Bellingham Initiative No. 2011-01, removal of automated traffic cameras 11/2011 Bellingham
Bellingham Annexation Petition Form, Registered Voters 2003 Bellingham
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Bellingham (2004) 2004 Bellingham
Bellingham Bayview Cemetery Brochure 2008 Bellingham
Bellingham Application for Annexation 2011 Bellingham
LED Street Light FAQs – Bellingham (2015) 2015 Bellingham
Museum Rental Brochure – Bellingham (2015) 2015 Bellingham
Comparison of Transportation Impact Fee Rates – Bellingham (2017) 2017 Bellingham
Bellingham Final Draft Report for 2012 Water and Sewer Rate Update 8/2012 Bellingham
Cultural Heritage Tourism Strategic Plan: 2018-2022 – Bellingham/Whatcom County (2018) 2018 Bellingham/Whatcom County
Employee Survey – Bonney Lake (2011) 2011 Bonney Lake
High Performing Organizations Self-Assessment Survey – Bonney Lake (Undated) Undated Bonney Lake
Transportation Impact Fee Rate Study – Bothell (2014) 2014 Bothell
Bothell Shoreline Master Program 5/2012 Bothell
Regional Fire Authority Feasibility Study – Bothell/Fire Districts (2015) 2015 Bothell/Fire Districts
Overhead Cost Allocation Memo - Bremerton (2012) 2012 Bremerton
KCCHA as Revitalization Agency: Bringing Bremerton back from the brink 7/2002 Bremerton
Reserve Police Officer FAQs – Buckley (2014) 2014 Buckley
North Highline Governance Study, Final Study Compilation 1/2005 Burien
Burien Fiscal Analysis of a North Highline Annexation, Final Report 11/2011 Burien
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Burien (2005) 2005 Burien
Police Service Provision Assessment – Burien (2011) 2011 Burien
Camas Project Tracking Checklist 2009 Camas
Cemetery Master Plan – Camas (2009) 2010 Camas
Monthly Investment Report – Camas (2016) 2016 Camas
Castle Rock Strategic Marketing Plan: Overcoming Development Barriers and Positioning Castle Rock for Success 5/2005 Castle Rock
SMP Retail v. City of Wenatchee, Chelan County Superior Court - order granting defendant’s motion for summary judgment and denying plaintiff's motion for summary judgment 10/17/2014 Chelan County
Street Lighting Audit Fact Sheet – Chelan County PUD (2016) 2016 Chelan County
Cheney Engineering Design Standards 2/2011 Cheney
Budget Preparation Calendar – Clallam County (2017) 2017 Clallam
Letter to Board of Clark County Commissioners from United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration 1/2012 Clark County
Clark County Andresen Investors Application and Process Package 10/1998 Clark County
Metropolitan Park District Summary Report – Clark County (2004) 2004 Clark County
Comprehensive Plan Update Public Participation Plan - Clark County (2014) 2014 Clark County
Clark County Assessor-Treasurer-Auditor Joint Lobby Fact Sheet 7/2014 Clark County
Mosquito Control Work Plan – Clark County Mosquito Control District (2017) 2017 Clark County Mosquito Control District
Clark Regional Wastewater District 2009 Strategic Plan 7/2009 Clark Regional Wastewater District
Side Sewer Regulations – Coal Creek Utility District (2014) 2014 Coal Creek Utility District
2035 Comprehensive Plan Update - Colfax (2016) 2016 Colfax
Capital Improvement Plan FY 2017-2021 – Concord, NC (2016) 2016 Concord, NC
IT Strategic Plan – Cowlitz County (2014) 2014 Cowlitz County
Budget Preparation Calendar – Cowlitz County (2017) 2017 Cowlitz County
Des Moines Petition for Annexation 10/1994 Des Moines
Initiative and Referendum Powers in the City of Des Moines : Citizen User Guide 12/1993 Des Moines
Executive Order Proclaiming Emergency After Earthquake – Des Moines (2001) 2001 Des Moines
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Des Moines (2012) 2012 Des Moines
Des Moines Adult Use Study 8/1984 Des Moines
DuPont Volunteer Firefighter Handbook DuPont
DuPont Recommendations to Improve City Communications 9/2010 DuPont
Edmonds Notice of Intention to Commence Annexation Proceedings Edmonds
Edmonds Regional Center Market Demand and Feasibility Study 11/2001 Edmonds
Edmonds Entry Form and Guidelines for Park Naming Contest 11/2009 Edmonds
Edmonds Public Facilities District Charter 5/2001 Edmonds
Ellensburg Handbook for Councilmembers and Board, Commission and Committee Members 1/2008 Ellensburg
Everett Local Improvement District Flow Chart Everett
Everett Fiscal Analysis of Annexation Report 10/2008 Everett
Everett Local Improvement District Brochure 11/2003 Everett
Everett Confirmation Hearing for Local Improvement District No. 732A, Evergreen Way Improvements, SR 526 to Madison Street: Staff Report 12/1995 Everett
Everett Notice of Hearing on Final Assessment Roll for Local Improvement District No. 732A 12/1995 Everett
Everett Local Improvement District No. 732A Notice of Proposed Improvement and Hearing 2/1995 Everett
Everett Property Code Violations Sample Documents 6/1999 Everett
Everett Evergreen Way Gateway Improvement Project Proposed Local Improvement District No. 732: Staff Report 9/1994 Everett
Mid-Biennium Budget Adjustment Calendar – Federal Way (2017) 2017 Federal Way
Federal Way Adult Entertainment Legislative Record 8/1995 Federal Way
Ferndale Transportation Benefit District 2014 Annual Report 2/2015 Ferndale
Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Regulations – Ferndale (2013) 2013 Ferndale
Fisherman Bay Sewer District Do's and Don'ts for Operating Your On-Site Septic System Fisherman Bay Sewer District
Notice of Emergency Water Restrictions – Forks (2016) 2016 Forks
Friday Harbor and San Juan County Fire District No. 3 Fire Department Consolidation and Financial Analysis 2/2011 Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor Final Report for Water, Sewer and Stormwater Utility Rate Study 6/2008 Friday Harbor
Gig Harbor Notice of Intention to Commence Annexation Proceedings 2003 Gig Harbor
Gig Harbor Petition for Annexation 2003 Gig Harbor
Water Emergency Proclamation – Grandview (2001) 2001 Grandview
Levy Lid Lift FAQs – Island County (2010) 2010 Island County
Island County Request for Opinion re use of Capital Improvements Fund 3/1984 Island County
Issaquah Road and Bridge Improvements Project Open House Questionnaire Issaquah
Issaquah Newport Way/Maple Street Road Improvement Project Summary of Assessment Deferral Options and Mitigation Agreements Issaquah