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Below is the complete list of "other" local government documents in our Sample Document Library that do not fall under any of our other categories. If you have sample documents you would like to share, please send them to MRSC Librarian Gabrielle Nicas.

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Documents 101 - 200 of 387

Description Date Jurisdiction
Issaquah Newport Way/Maple Street Road Improvement Project Summary of Assessment Deferral Options and Mitigation Agreements Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Formation Protest Computation Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Assessment Summary Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Final Assessment Roll Confirmation Issaquah
Issaquah Newport Way/Maple Street Road Improvement Project Budget and Cost Summary Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Finance Director's Notice of Collection of Assessments, Mailing Affidavit and Certificate of Filing of Title 1995 Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Notice of Public Hearing Final Assessment Roll 1995 Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Closeout Schedule 1995 Issaquah
Issaquah Public Works Department Construction Administration Plan department construction administration plan 1995 Issaquah
Issaquah Small Works Projects File Layout 1995 Issaquah
Issaquah Road and Bridge Improvement Project Citizen Involvement Matrix 2003 Issaquah
Issaquah Local Improvement District No. 21 Staff Report 3/11/1994 Issaquah
Issaquah Municipal Court Feasibility Study 9/2004 Issaquah
Road Improvement District Q & A - Jefferson County (undated) Undated Jefferson County
Voter Registration Challenges in Washington 6/2007 Jeffrey T. Even
Project Closure/Retainage Release Guidelines 2017 John Carpita
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Kelso (2004) 2004 Kelso
Kelso Planning Commission Final Recommendations on Zoning for Sexually Oriented Businesses 4/1993 Kelso
Budget Preparation Calendar – Kennewick (2016) 2016 Kennewick
Kennewick Code Enforcement Request for Investigation, Correction Notice, Notice of Civil Violation, Voluntary Correction Agreement nd Kennewick
Kent Information Letter for LID No. 340 Kent
Kent Adult Use Zoning Study 11/1982 Kent
Kent Meridian Annexation Petition 11/1994 Kent
Cannabis Action Coalition, v. City of Kent, Respondent - Brief of Respondent 2013 Kent
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Kent (2013) 2013 Kent
Budget Preparation Calendar – Kent (2016) 2016 Kent
Kent Notice of Planned Final Action for Eminent Domain Proceedings 8/2008 Kent
Valley Regional Fire Service Authority Formation 10/2007 King County
Financial Feasibility Analysis of Proposed City of Fairwood – King County (2006) 2006 King County
Fairwood Incorporation Study – King County (2009) 2009 King County
King County Unfunded Mandate Report 6/2010 King County
Secure Medicine Return Regulations Report – King County Board of Health (2013) 2013 King County Board of Health
Secure Medicine Return Regulations – King County Board of Health (2013) 2013 King County Board of Health
King County Water District 19 Shut Off Letter and Notice nd King County Water District No. 19
Installation of Check Valves on Residential Water Services - King County Water District No. 90 (undated) undated King County Water District No. 90
Kirkland Memorandum: 2009 Annexation Update 2/2009 Kirkland
Kirkland Tourism: Communications Strategy and Earned Media Action Plan 2/2012 Kirkland
Kirkland Fiscal Analysis of Potential Annexation Area: Finn Hill, Juanita, and Kingsgate 2005 Kirkland
Fiscal Analysis of Annexation of Finn Hill, Juanita and Kingsgate to the City of Kirkland 9/2000 Kirkland
Kirkland Walkable Community Profile nd Kirkland
Side Sewer Brochure – Kitsap County (2017) 2017 Kitsap County
Hazard Mitigation “Critical Facilities” Examples – Kittitas County (2010) 2010 Kittitas County
Levy Lid Lift Fact Sheet – Port of Klickitat (2013) 2013 Klickitat County Port District No. 1
Recommendations for Improving Volunteer Advisory Group System – Lake Forest Park (2007) 2007 Lake Forest Park
Levy Lid Lift FAQs – Lake Forest Park (2010) 2010 Lake Forest Park
2015-2020 Capital Facilities Plan – Lake Washington School District (2015) 2015 Lake Washington School District
Biennial Budget Preparation Calendar – Leavenworth (2016) 2016 Leavenworth
Liberty Lake Executive Summary of Feasibility Study of Assumption of the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District by the City 11/2004 Liberty Lake
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Longview (2004) 2004 Longview
LOTT Clean Water Alliance Automated Accounts Payable System Process Sample 2010 LOTT Clean Water Alliance
Lynden Planning Commission Policies 2002 Lynden
Budget Preparation Calendar – Lynden (2016) 2016 Lynden
Lynnwood, Fiscal Annexation Analysis, Final Report, 1/2009 Lynnwood
South Snohomish County Public Facilities District Bylaws 12/1999 Lynnwood
Indigenous People’s Day Proclamation – Lynnwood (2016) 2016 Lynnwood
North Mason Regional Fire Authority Service Plan 01/2014 Marysville
Marysville Transportation Benefit District 2014 Annual Report 5/7/2015 Marysville
Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulations Update Scope of Work – Mason County (2016) 2016 Mason County
Preliminary Injunction Order: Peace Action Coalition v. City of Medina 10/2000 Medina
Mercer Island Pay for Performance Plan 2004 Mercer Island
Single Family Side Sewer Standards – Mercer Island (2009) 2009 Mercer Island
Mill Creek Notice of Intention to Commence Annexation Proceedings Mill Creek
Youth Advisory Board Bylaws – Mill Creek (2016) 2016 Mill Creek
Montesano Downtown Plan 2/2011 Montesano
Wilbur v. Mount Vernon, Memorandum of Decision, No. C11-1100RSL (W.D. WA 12/04/2013) 12/2013 Mount Vernon
Transfer of Development Rights – Mount Vernon (undated) undated Mount Vernon
Purchasing Bid Limit Matrix – MRSC (2017) 2017 MRSC
Sample Budget Request Letter for Cities/Towns – MRSC 2017 MRSC
Sample Budget Message for Cities/Towns – MRSC 2017 MRSC
Purchasing and Bidding Chart for Local Agencies in Washington State 6/2015 MRSC
Mukilteo Private Property Rights – DOE Warning Signals Checklist 2/2011 Mukilteo
2035 Comprehensive Plan - Mukilteo (2015) 2015 Mukilteo
Mukilteo Downtown Business District Subarea Plan, Visual Preference Survey Results Summary 7/2008 Mukilteo
Memorandum Concerning the Work of the Municipal Code Committee in Formulating Legislation Submitted to the 1967 Legislature 1/13/1966 Municipal Code Committee
Newcastle Communications Strategic Plan 8/2010 Newcastle
Manhattan Village Subarea Plan - Normandy Park 2012 2012 Normandy Park
Normandy Park 2011 Comprehensive Park Plan 6/2011 Normandy Park
North Beach Water District - Information in support of setting goals to use water efficiently 9/2008 North Beach Water District
North Bend Annexation Study 12/2008 North Bend
Northshore Parks and Recreation Service Area Aquatics Needs Analysis and Location Study 6/2008 Northshore Parks and Recreation Service Area
Social Media Use by Public Agencies – Some tips and considerations (2017) 2017 Office of the Washington State Attorney General
Olympia Zoning Regulations of Adult Oriented Businesses 2/1997 Olympia
Olympia Guidelines for Auction of Surplus 2004 Olympia
Olympia Disposing of Surplus Items Outside of the Annual Citywide Auction 2005 Olympia
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Olympia (2005) 2005 Olympia
Olympia Public Works Contract Administration Roles and Responsibilities 2014 Olympia
Water Shortage Response Plan, 2015-2020 – Olympia (2014) 2014 Olympia
Oral and Written Reprimands – Olympia (2017) 2017 Olympia
Letter of Reprimand – Olympia (2017) 2017 Olympia
Letter of Direction – Olympia 2017 Olympia
Olympia Community Renewal Area (CRA) Status Report 4/2012 Olympia
Pacific County Solicitation of Vendor for Purchasing Other than by Formal Bidding 2014 Pacific County
REET 2 Refund Letter – Pacific County (2017) 2017 Pacific County
Pierce County Memorandum re Pandemic Flu/Avian Flu 10/2005 Pierce County
Pierce County Lodging Tax & Tourism Promotion Funds Application FY 2015 4/2014 Pierce County
Port Angeles Annexation Analysis Report 1/1998 Port Angeles
Port Angeles Standard File Outline for Public Works Projects 1993 Port Angeles
Port Angeles Fire Department and Clallam County Fire District No. 2 Consolidation Feasibility Study 2010 Port Angeles
Downtown Port Angeles and the Gateway Corridor 3/2009 Port Angeles
Port Angeles Checklist for Developer Reimbursement Agreement 4/2006 Port Angeles