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Below is the complete list of "other" local government documents in our Sample Document Library that do not fall under any of our other categories. If you have sample documents you would like to share, please send them to MRSC Librarian Gabrielle Nicas.

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Documents 301 - 371 of 371

Description Date Jurisdiction
Sumner Pandemic Flu Response Plan 5/2006 Sumner
Tacoma Vision and Mission Statements 1/2011 Tacoma
Greater Tacoma Regional Convention Center Public Facilities District Charter and Bylaws 1999 Tacoma
Deviations from Model B&O Tax Ordinance – Tacoma (2007) 2007 Tacoma
Side Sewer Condition Assessment and Repair Recommendations – Tacoma (2010) 2010 Tacoma
Side Sewer Educational Flyer – Tacoma (2011) 2011 Tacoma
South Downtown Subarea Plan - Tacoma (2014) 2014 Tacoma
IT Strategic Plan – Tacoma (2017) 2017 Tacoma
Park Impact Fee Rate Study – Thurston County (2012) 2012 Thurston County
Metropolitan Park District Voter Fact Sheet – Tukwila (2011) 2011 Tukwila
Tukwila Shoreline Master Program 8/2014 Tukwila
Tumwater City Council – Mayor – Staff Working Agreements Tumwater
Fiscal Impacts of Proposed Annexation of Properties West of Tumwater 2/2007 Tumwater
Levy Lid Lift FAQs – Tumwater (2011) 2011 Tumwater
Levy Lid Lift Presentation – Tumwater (2011) 2011 Tumwater
GMA Update Work Program - Tumwater (2015) 2015 Tumwater
Tumwater Notice of Pre-Determination Hearing (Loudermill) nd Tumwater
Principles for Promoting Police Integrity: Examples of Promising Police Practices and Policies 1/2001 U.S. Department of Justice
US Green Building Council State and Local Government Tool Kit 3/2009 US Green Building Council
Vancouver Notice of Intention to Commence Annexation Proceedings Vancouver
Walla Walla Letter Acknowledging Receipt of Public Records Request 11/2004 Walla Walla
Walla Walla Tourism Assessment and Strategic Plan 4/2004 Walla Walla
Quarterly Investment Report – Walla Walla County (2016) 2016 Walla Walla County
Commercial Purpose Declaration - Sample template for a Public Records Request 11/2016 Washington
Volunteer Programs: Possible Exposures and Recommended Controls 8/2004 Washington Cities Insurance Authority
The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Washington State 11/2006 Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
A History of Washington’s Local Governments, Final Report of the Local Governance Study Commission, Vol. 1, 1/1988 Washington State
The Quiet Crisis of Local Governance in Washington: Final Report of the Local Governance Study Commission, Vol. 2, January 1988 1/1988 Washington State
A History of Washington's Local Governments: Washington State Local Governance Study Commission Report (Update), Appendix D of the County Financial Health and Governance Alternatives 2007 Legislative Study 10/2007 Washington State
Kent Downtown Public Market Development Authority Accountability Audit Report 12/2003 Washington State
Can You Dig It? Washington’s New Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act 6/2011 Washington State
New Law Allows Cities to Use Red-Light Cameras 9/2005 Washington State
Washington State Auditor Performance Audit Report: Open Public Records Practices at 30 Government Entities 5/19/2008 Washington State Auditor
Washington State Auditor Budgeting for Category 2 Cities and Towns 9/2006 Washington State Auditor
Grays Harbor Public Development Authority Accountability Audit Report 5/2002 Washington State Auditor’s Office
Performance Audit Report: Use of Impact Fees in Federal Way, Olympia, Maple Valley, Redmond and Vancouver 10/2008 Washington State Auditor's Office
Salary Increases for Elected Officials and the Consumer Price Index 11/1999 Washington State Auditor's Office
Lessons Learned: How Counties Are Improving Permitting Processes 3/2013 Washington State Auditor's Office
Promotional Hosting Guidelines for Ports Districts of the State of Washington nd Washington State Auditor's Office
Washington State County Road Administration Board Purchasing Flowchart 10/2014 Washington State County Road Administration Board
Learning to Lead: A Primer on Economic Development Strategies 1999 Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development
Local Government Project Permitting 1/2005 Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development
Definition of “Undue Hardship” - SSB 5173 Respecting Holidays of Faith and Conscience Act 6/2014 Washington State Department of Financial Management
Excise Tax Advisory: Public Works Contracts 10/2013 Washington State Department of Revenue
Excise Tax Advisory: Are retained percentages on public works contract progress estimates to include the sales tax due? 11/26/1973 Washington State Department of Revenue
Exemption to Activities that Are Subject to B&O Tax 2/2010 Washington State Department of Revenue
Defining Rural Character and Planning for Rural Lands: A Rural Element Guide 3/1994 Washington State Growth Management Program
Eminent Domain Task Force 2009 Final Report 2009 Washington State Office of the Attorney General
Validating Bond and Excess Levy Ballot Measures – Washington State Secretary of State (2017) 2017 Washington State Secretary of State
JLARC: Lodging Tax Reporting System Presentation 12/15/2014 Washington State. Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee
Wenatchee Petition for Annexation 4/2003 Wenatchee
Staff Report for Replacing Utility Tax with Levy Lid Lift - West Richland (2016) 2016 West Richland
Levy Lid Lift vs. Utility Tax Fact Sheet - West Richland (2016) 2016 West Richland
West Thurston Regional Fire Protection Service Authority Plan 4/2009 West Thurston Regional Fire Protection Service Authority
Westport Volunteer Fire Department Policy Manual 3/2000 Westport
Whatcom County Shoreline Management Program 2/2007 Whatcom County
Natural Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Background Report – Whatcom County (2001) 2001 Whatcom County
Proclamation of Emergency and Request for Assistance – Whatcom County (2017) 2017 Whatcom County
Whatcom County Birch Bay Incorporation Feasibility Study 3/2008 Whatcom County
Whitworth Water District No. 2 Bylaws 1/2007 Whitworth Water District No. 2
Woodinville Contract for Police Services: Details and Terms 2/2006 Woodinville
Woodinville Notice of Intent to Petition for Annexation 2003 Woodinville
Washington State Boundary Review Board Notice of Intent - Brown Annexation 2003 Woodinville
Hearing Examiner Interview Questions – Woodinville (2012) 2012 Woodinville
Woodinville Water District 2013 Annual Drinking Water Report 6/2014 Woodinville Water District
Yakima Memorandum re City Council Invocations 1/2011 Yakima
Yakima Response to Request for Public Input re Land Use Regulations for Marijuana-Related Uses 12/2013 Yakima
Yakima Citizen Code Review Committee/Enhanced Code Enforcement Program 2000 Yakima
Yakima Regional Fire Authority Fiscal Analysis 5/2013 Yakima
Notice of Intent to Sole Source – Yakima County Sheriff's Office (2017) 2017 Yakima County
Yakima County Solid Waste and Moderate Risk Waste Management Plan 2017 Yakima County