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Below is the complete list of local government policies and procedures in our Sample Document Library. If you have sample documents you would like to share, please send them to MRSC Librarian Gabrielle Nicas.

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Documents 1 - 100 of 668

Description Date Jurisdiction
Narcotics Canine Program 6/2005 ABC
Adams County End User Access Security Agreement 5/2003 Adams County
Adams County Cellular Telephone Policy 5/2003 Adams County
Airway Heights Police Department Canine Unit Standard Operating Procedures 8/2008 Airway Heights
Alderwood Water and Wastewater District policy for changes to job descriptions for regular district positions 2/2011 Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Investment Policy – Alderwood Water and Wastewater District (2015) 2015 Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Alderwood Water and Wastewater District Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policy 7/2012 Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan – Algona (2015) 2015 Algona
Anacortes Operations Manual for Street, Sewer and Storm Department 1/2005 Anacortes
Anacortes Leasing Policy 1/2009 Anacortes
Absences and Leave Policy - Anacortes (2010) 2010 Anacortes
Community Center Rental & Policies – Anacortes (2014) 2013 Anacortes
Personal Appearance of Employees - Anacortes (2016) 2016 Anacortes
Personnel Policies Manual - Anacortes (2017) 2017 Anacortes
Anacortes Grand View Cemetery Policies and Procedures 3/2007 Anacortes
Anacortes Use of Communication Systems 5/2009 Anacortes
Anacortes Accident Prevention Manual 8/2003 Anacortes
Citizen’s Guide to Effective Conduct of Public Meetings Using Parliamentary Procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order in Washington State (2017) 2017 Ann G. Macfarlane, et al.
Financial Management Policies – Arlington (2017) 2017 Arlington
Purchasing Procedures - Arlington (2017) 2017 Arlington
Auburn Police Department Directive on Less Lethal Force 1/2001 Auburn
Emergency Public Works Procedures, Contract, and Checklist – Auburn (2007) 2007 Auburn
Auburn Biennial Budget Policies (2015-2016) 2014 Auburn
Auburn Internet and Electronic Resources/Equipment Use 5/2009 Auburn
Bainbridge Island Prohibition of Unlawful Harassment 11/2009 Bainbridge Island
Ethics Program – Bainbridge Island (2012) 2012 Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Manual of City Governance Policies, Procedures and Guidelines 2015 Bainbridge Island
Public Records Act Administrative Rules - Bainbridge Island (2015) 2015 Bainbridge Island
Procedures for the Disposal of Surplus Real Property - Bainbridge Island (2016) 2016 Bainbridge Island
Financial and Biennial Budget Policies - Bainbridge Island (2016) 2016 Bainbridge Island
Procurement Policy and Surplus Authority – Bainbridge Island (2016) 2016 Bainbridge Island
Cost Allocation Manual - Bainbridge Island (2017) 2017 Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Manual of City Governance Policies, Procedures and Guidelines 3/2010 Bainbridge Island
Park Facility Naming Policy – Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District (2012) 2000 Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District
Personnel Policies - Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District (2010) 2010 Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District
Complete Streets Policy – Battle Ground (2015) 2015 Battle Ground
Civil Service Rules - Battle Ground (2016) 2016 Battle Ground
Finance Policy - Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District (2011) 2011 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Personnel Manual - Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District (2011) 2011 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Purchasing Manual - Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District (2011) 2011 Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District
Bellevue Equipment Rental Fund Policies 11/2004 Bellevue
Bellevue Website Policies and Procedures 2/2011 Bellevue
Bellevue OPMA and PRA Protocols for Boards, Commissions, Committees and Task Forces 2008 Bellevue
Bellevue Mobile Phone and Individual Smart Phone Policies 2009 Bellevue
Comprehensive Financial Management Policies – Bellevue (2010) 2010 Bellevue
Bellevue Email Management Policy and Procedures 2013 Bellevue
Facility Rental Guidelines – Bellevue (2016) 2016 Bellevue
Bellevue Technology Resource Usage Policy and Work Rules 4/2011 Bellevue
Bellevue Merit Increases 8/2002 Bellevue
Bellevue Acceptance of Monetary Donations 8/2005 Bellevue
Bellingham Administration and Operation of Bayview Cemetery 1/2008 Bellingham
Bellingham Street Vacation Procedures, Policies and Petition 2000 Bellingham
Business Travel Expense Policy - Bellingham (2003) 2003 Bellingham
Bellingham Policy for Paying for Meals and Incidental Business Expenses 2003 Bellingham
Capital and Attractive Theft Sensitive Assets Policy - Bellingham (2010) 2010 Bellingham
Financial Management Guidelines – Bellingham (2010) 2010 Bellingham
Public Records Disclosure Guidelines - Bellingham (2011) 2011 Bellingham
Bellingham Procedures for Filing Petition for Annexation 2011 Bellingham
Civil Service Rules - Bellingham (2016) 2016 Bellingham
Bellingham Process to Appoint an Interim Council Member 3/2007 Bellingham
Bellingham Park Donations and Memorials within the Park System 5/2005 Bellingham
Bellingham Policy for Ensuring Continuity of Government During a Pandemic 5/2006 Bellingham
Purchasing Procedures – Bellingham School District (2014) 2014 Bellingham School District
Benton County Personal and Real Property Management Policy 10/2007 Benton County
Benton County Portable Electronic Communication Device Usage Policy 12/2011 Benton County
Investment Policy – Benton County (2010) 2010 Benton County
Benton County Biennial Budget Policies and Procedures (2010) 2010 Benton County
Capital Policies and Procedures - Benton County (2011) 2011 Benton County
Benton County Remote Access Policy 5/2009 Benton County
Social Media Policy with Procedure – Benton-Franklin Hospital District (2016) 2016 Benton-Franklin Hospital District
Travel and Meal Reimbursement Policy - Bingen (2012) 2012 Bingen
Birch Bay Water and Sewer District Vendor List Procedures 2011 Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
Debt Policy – Birch Bay Water and Sewer District (2016) 2016 Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
Black Diamond Rules and Procedures for Town Hall Meetings 2012 Black Diamond
Street Lighting Practices and Standards – Bonney Lake (2006) 2006 Bonney Lake
Military Leave and Military Family Leave Policy - Bonney Lake (2010) 2010 Bonney Lake
Social Media Policy – Bonney Lake (2012) 2011 Bonney Lake
Appearance/Work Attire - Bothell (2008) 2008 Bothell
Procurement Policy Purchasing Guidelines – Bothell (2010) 2010 Bothell
Confidentiality Agreement Policy – Bothell (2012) 2012 Bothell
Social Media Policies and Procedures – Bothell (2014) 2014 Bothell
Unpaid Holidays for Reasons of Faith or Conscience - Bothell (2014) 2014 Bothell
Bothell Policies and Procedures for Naming Public Parks and Recreation Facilities 7/2010 Bothell
Bothell City Council Protocol Manual 7/2013 Bothell
Bremerton Telephone Policy 11/2005 Bremerton
Bremerton Voluntary Separation and Reduced Workweek Program 11/2008 Bremerton
Bremerton Recorded Documents Policy 2/2012 Bremerton
Public Records Act Rules - Bremerton (2010) 2010 Bremerton
Integrated Vegetation Management Plan – Bremerton (2015) 2015 Bremerton
Financial Goals and Policies – Bremerton (2015) 2015 Bremerton
Bremerton Electronic Records Retention Policy 3/2006 Bremerton
Small and Attractive Items Policies and Procedures – Buckley (2017) 2017 Buckley
Buckley Detention Division Policies and Procedures Manual 3/2011 Buckley
Burien Cell Phone Policy 11/2009 Burien
Burien Tobacco Free Parks Policy 11/2011 Burien
Public Art Expenditures Policies and Procedures – Burien (2002) 2002 Burien
Financial Policies – Burien (2014) 2015 Burien
General Fund Reserve Levels of Comparable Cities – Burien (2016) 2016 Burien
Camas Planning Commission Rules of Procedure for Quasi-Judicial and Legislative Hearings 2/2003 Camas
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan – Carnation (2015) 2015 Carnation