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City Officials

If you are updating an officials information (e.g., title, email, or phone), please use the "Update" option.

If you are replacing an official, please use the "Remove" option to remove the existing official and then "Add City Official" option to add the new official.

If an official has had a name change, please email MRSC with the update.

Contact information provided will be used by MRSC and AWC for communication with our members.


New Officials - Pending

Title Name

Current Officials

Title Name Update Remove Pending
Accounting Supervisor Thomas Donnelly Update Remove No
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk Vicki Look Update Remove No
City Administrator Ryan Wheaton Update Remove No
City Engineer Michael Michael Update Remove No
Commissioner of Finance Kathy McDowell Update Remove No
Commissioner of Public Safety Gary Cronce Update Remove No
Commissioner of Public Works/Community/Economic Development Tracy Moore Update Remove No
Court Administrator Shelby Conklin Update Remove No
Financial Services Director Nola von Neudegg Update Remove No
Fire Chief Tim McKern Update Remove No
Mayor Gary Cronce Update Remove No
Municipal Court Judge George Steele Update Remove No
Parks/Recreation Director Mark Ziegler Update Remove No
Police Chief Darrin Moody Update Remove No