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Washington’s New Fire Suppression (Hydrant) Law—SHB 1512

Washington’s New Fire Suppression (Hydrant) Law—SHB 1512

May 10, 2013 by John W. Carpita, PE
Category: Fire Protection , Water Utilities

Thanks to concerted and cooperative action by a coalition of public and private water purveyors, cities, counties, trade organizations, and fire fighting agencies (FIRE PALS), Washington now has a new fire suppression (hydrant) law. This new law resolves issues resulting from two court cases,...

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Water Utilities and Fire Hydrants: Legislative Update

May 1, 2013 by FCS GROUP
Category: Fire Protection , Water Utilities , Finance Advisor

The State Legislature has passed legislation (SHB 1512; SSB 5605,) that focuses on "solving" the problem created by the Lane v. City of Seattle decision. This act provides specific guidance and options for water utilities on how to legally recover fire protection costs...

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Climbers, Kayakers, and Skydivers Wear Helmet Cameras -- Why Not Firefighters?

July 24, 2012 by Jim Doherty
Category: Fire Protection

The assistant fire chief thinks it would be great, for training purposes, to have videos of firefighters responding to actual situations  – and the department might even get video showing a firefighter saving someone's life.   Helmet camera videos can be great for training purposes and for reviewing possible modifications to procedures, but they can also cause problems.
Helmetcam videos may...

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