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Introducing Linda Gallagher, MRSC’s Newest Legal Consultant

January 11, 2018 by Linda Gallagher

Introducing Linda Gallagher, MRSC’s Newest Legal Consultant

“Washington my home, wherever I may roam . . .”   

As a child, I sang our official state song with my classmates in elementary school in Olympia. It comes to mind now as I introduce myself as the newest MRSC Legal Consultant.  I care deeply about our state and all of our communities, and I am excited to be part of the MRSC team promoting local government success.

I am both a trial lawyer and a mediator. My legal background includes more than 30 years practicing public law, first in the Attorney General’s Office and then with the Civil Division of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. 

As a trial lawyer, I have tried civil jury trials in at least 10 different counties and in federal court. My municipal law expertise includes torts, transit, employment, risk management, civil rights, workers compensation, appeals, corrections, public health, law enforcement, eminent domain, and vehicle licensing.  Here at MRSC I am learning about an even wider variety of topics.

As a mediator, I belong to the Interlocal Conflict Resolution Group, a consortium of government agencies, labor unions, and volunteer professionals jointly formed by King County and the M.L. King Labor Council to provide mediation and other forms of dispute resolution to its members at no cost. My experiences volunteering with this unique organization help people more effectively solve their workplace disputes.

I also teach frequently on legal topics including presentations at the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys spring and summer conferences. As a part-time instructor at University of Washington School of Law and at Emory Law, I teach trial skills to law students in clinical programs designed to help them become more effective lawyers.  

I graduated from the University of Washington School of Law but my undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Political Science are from Saint Martin’s University in Lacey. As an undergrad, I learned about state and local government, first as a legislative intern in the State Senate and then as a legislative intern for the Washington Fire Commissioners Association.  Since then, I have always been interested in local issues and municipal law.

I am an avid downhill snow skier and bicyclist. Over the years, I have been to, or at least through, all but 2 of our 39 counties — Wahkiakum and Klickitat, which I promise to visit soon. I have also been to all but about 50 of our 281 incorporated towns and cities.  

I look forward to meeting many of you — in person and virtually — over the next months and years.  

About Linda Gallagher

Linda Gallagher joined MRSC in 2017. She previously served as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for King County and as an Assistant Attorney General.

Linda’s municipal law experience includes risk management, torts, civil rights, transit, employment, workers compensation, eminent domain, vehicle licensing, law enforcement, corrections, and public health.

She graduated from the University of Washington School of Law.

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"Welcome Linda! MRSC is a special place, As a member of the MRSC Board and a perpetual user of MRSC's services, I am confident that you will serve us well and we will have a mutually rewarding relationship. I look forward to meeting you in person, perhaps at our March Board meeting."

Cathy Mulhall on Feb 1, 2018 7:53 AM

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