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Introducing Laura Crandall, Public Policy and Finance Analyst

September 19, 2018 by Laura Crandall

Introducing Laura Crandall, Public Policy and Finance Analyst

I am happy to be the newest member of MRSC, having joined this past August as a Public Policy and Finance Analyst.  

MRSC helped me get started on the City of Burien’s first-ever strategic plan during my graduate internship. I am committed to ethical and effective government, which, I believe, relies in part on high-quality research and analysis that allows for informed decision-making. This intrinsic motivation is well-matched to the mission of MRSC, and I am delighted to be a part of Washington State local government in this capacity.

I was selected as an ICMA Local Government Management Fellow at the end of my master’s in public administration studies. I came to know regional issues and government staff through regular attendance at the monthly King County City Manager/Administrators’ meetings. I am happy to expand my work to serve all of Washington’s local governments in the policy and finance realms.

After completing my ICMA fellowship, I was hired as a Management Analyst for the City of Burien and later worked as an analyst in the finance department for the City of Tukwila. Some of the research and analysis projects I worked on were sales tax trends and projections, a variety of 6-year financial forecasting scenarios for the general fund, and forecasting potential B&O tax revenues. On the more tangible side, I took part in technology solution selection and implementation in the finance department, was project coordinator on a lengthy Lean process improvement project for building permitting, and crafted a re-org for finance, IT/IS, and administrative services.

Prior to working in local government, I was the Executive Director of an independent school in Seattle for six years. I managed a staff of 35, initiated capital improvement projects, developed the middle school science, math, and music programs, and maintained a healthy budget and student enrollment through the recession.

I have also lived and worked overseas in both England and the Netherlands. It was that exposure to different ideas and systems that sparked my interest in knowing more about how things work and how people think, which eventually led me to public policy as a career. I see policy as a format for grounding ideas and aspirations by putting them into words and actions, and I’m always interested to see how policy consequences unfold.

I look forward to assisting you in your work and answering your questions about public policy or finance. Email me at or leave a comment below.

MRSC is a private nonprofit organization serving local governments in Washington State. Eligible government agencies in Washington State may use our free, one-on-one Ask MRSC service to get answers to legal, policy, or financial questions.

About Laura Crandall

Laura Crandall joined MRSC as a Public Policy Consultant and Finance Analyst in August 2018.

Previously, she worked as a Management Analyst with the City of Burien and as an Analyst in the Finance Department with the City of Tukwila. Laura has an MPA from Seattle University with a focus in local government. She was selected for an ICMA Local Government Management Fellowship after graduating.

Laura served as executive director of a nonprofit for six years, and has experience in organizational and program development, staff management and mentoring, budgeting, and benefits.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature from the University of Washington, and enjoys learning languages.

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