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Inspiring a Performance Culture Part 1: Building a Foundation

For organizations looking to build a stronger performance management culture, whether through lean or other performance techniques, one of the most challenging parts is knowing where to start. How do define what you want to accomplish? How do you gain support from leadership and staff? What initial steps can you take to get the processes working?

In this first webinar in our three part series on performance innovation, we explore some of the actions and strategies you can use to get your lean process off the ground. Whether you are at the top or working from within to improve how things get done, our panel provides important guidance and advice on planting the seeds for a successful performance journey.


  • Tracy Burrows, MRSC Executive Director
  • Debra Hentz, State Auditor’s Office Lean Trainer
  • Charlie Bush, City of Sequim City Manager


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The Performance Innovation Webinar Series

This webinar is the first in a three part series on performance innovation. Part of the Government Performance Consortium, this series is designed to help local government leaders, whether at the management level or working from within, to cultivate and maintain a culture of continuous improvement within their organization.

Archived Webinar

Date: August 4, 2016