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Archived Webinars

MRSC's archived webinars are available to view for a fee, unless the webinar was broadcasted for free, in which case the link to view is provided below. You can access one webinar for $30 or three webinars for $65.

Below is a list of all available webinars and payment registration options. Please notice the access expiration date for each webinar.  After registering and once the payment is processed, you will receive a link to the webinar recording/s via email. If you do not receive the link within a day or have other questions regarding registration, please contact us.

REGISTER - Access 1 Webinar   or   REGISTER - Access 3 Webinars

To obtain the indicated credits for each webinar, please contact and report viewership to the organization providing the credits.

List of Archived Webinars


FREE WEBINAR: Cybersecurity Essentials for Local Government Leaders (Enter name & email address for free viewing)
Sponsored by the SAO Performance Center
Broadcast October 2018 | Access expires November 1, 2019
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML

This free webinar helps public sector leaders understand their organization’s greatest vulnerabilities are and the most important investments necessary to reduce risk. You hear from firsthand experience—in agencies both small and midsized—how opportunistic cybercriminals take advantage of system vulnerabilities. You’ll also learn about cybersecurity training that each person with your organization should have and how to get it. The State Auditor’s Office, our webinar sponsor, offers a list of free cybersecurity-preparedness resources available to local governments in Washington.


Ethical Considerations for Local Government Staff and Officials
Broadcast January 2019 | Access expires January 1, 2020
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML

This webinar provides a framework, complete with practical strategies and tools, to help build and maintain a more ethical workplace and culture. Topics to be addressed include state ethics laws, roles of elected officials versus staff and potential areas of conflict, and common pitfalls.


Utility Fiscal Management - Strategic Long-Term Planning (Part 1 of 3)
Broadcast February 2019 | Access expires February 1, 2020
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CPE, 1.0 CML

In part 1 of this 3-part webinar series, we focus on the long-term financial health of utilities by addressing fiscal management strategies and strategic long-term financial planning. Utilities can create a comprehensive financial plan that covers operating and capital budgets aspects, addresses long-term financial planning, closes the loop with performance assessments, creates and carries out evaluations to determine success. Through this webinar, we will explore real community issues through the lens of the budget, understand and develop a policy-level perspective on financial planning and create approaches and solutions that work.


FREE WEBINAR: Better Management Through Values-Based Leadership (Enter name & email address for free viewing)
Sponsored by the SAO Performance Center
Broadcast November 2018

Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML
In this free webinar, you will learn about values-based leadership, examples of how this has been applied in the private sector, and a demonstration of how those skills can be transferred directly to the public sector. 

FREE WEBINAR: Using Lean Visual Management to Improve Team Engagement (Enter name & email address for free viewing)
Sponsored by the SAO Performance Center
Broadcast October 2018
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML
Low-tech, hand-maintained visual management boards can radiate information throughout your organization in ways that digital project management tools do not. This webinar shows how — at a glance — Lean-inspired visual management boards can communicate progress on key organizational initiatives, unite teams around shared goals and values, and help employees feel respected and invested in.

Leading Change: A Human-Centered Approach
Broadcast June 2018 | Access expires June 1, 2019
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML

This webinar introduces methods from design thinking and Adaptive Leadership that can help your organization grow a culture of problem solvers. Viewers gain empathy and insights into why people may resist change, and learn to quickly test new approaches that invite individuals to see themselves as being part of the transformation story.

Getting Unstuck: Strategies to Repair Trust
Broadcast May 2018 | Access expires June 1, 2019
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML

Using current research in organization and team trust, this webinar provides practical strategies for trust repair and building bridges that apply at the team or the organization level. We help you understand the basis of trust and group resilience, and help you gain the ability to repair broken or violated trust in groups or organizations so you can operate at capacity again.

Coaching your Staff to Reach their Potential
Broadcast April 2018 | Access expires June 1, 2019
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML

This webinar reviews the qualities of a good coach and what an employee is looking for in terms of coaching. Using real-life scenarios, our presenters, who are all experienced leaders themselves, offer practical tips and approaches to coaching, specifically within the local government arena.


FREE WEBINAR: Making Your Job Easier with MRSC's Services
Broadcast February 2019
In this free 40-minute webinar, we will provide a comprehensive overview of MRSC's tools, resources, and information — all designed to help you do your job better. This includes our one-on-one inquiry service and a demonstration of how to use our extensive website resources, Sample Document Library, and more.


Providing Excellent Customer Service at the Permit Counter
Broadcast December 2018 | Access expires December 1, 2019
This webinar will discuss how to provide great customer service to applicants and other members of the public at a permit counter. Real-life examples will highlight successful processes and procedures to establish a customer-oriented environment, tips for working with speakers with limited English proficiency, and approaches for dealing with “difficult” customers.

Encouraging Neighborhood-Compatible Residential Infill Development
Broadcast July 2018 | Access expires July 1, 2019
This webinar explores different types of residential infill development, including accessory dwelling units (both attached and detached), duplexes, triplexes, townhouses, and cottage housing. The focus is on steps that local governments can take to encourage infill development that is compatible with existing, single-family neighborhoods. The cities of Olympia and Ferndale are used as case studies.

Land Use Case Law Update - Winter 2018
Broadcast December 2018 | Access expires December 1, 2019
In this webinar, MRSC legal consultant Jill Dvorkin and longtime land use attorney Phil Olbrechts review recent, important land use cases applicable to Washington State.

Preparing an Effective and Legally Defensible Staff Report
Broadcast March 2018 | Access expires March 1, 2019
This webinar dives into the key elements of a good staff report, offering tips on how to make them legally defensible and providing practical examples. These issues are discussed from the perspective of all relevant parties, including the applicant, decision-maker, local government officials and staff, and the general public.


FREE WEBINAR: Legislative Update on Public Records Act
Broadcast April 2018 
Credits available for self-reporting: meets WAPRO certification requirements (A – 1.5 hours)

This webinar, presented in partnership with WAPRO, will discuss the most significant public records bills passed during the 2018 Legislative Session.

Top 10 Public Records Act Tips
Broadcast August 2018 | Access expires August 1, 2019
Credits available for self-reporting: meets public records training requirements

This webinar will provide you with practical tips on how agencies with multiple departments and multiple public records officers can coordinate and be consistent with their PRA responses, and where it makes more sense for responses to vary.

PRA and OPMA Case Law Update
Broadcast January 2019 | Access expires January 1, 2020
Credits available for self-reporting: 1.0 CML, meets WAPRO certification requirements (A – 1 hour)

This webinar reviews significant PRA and OPMA court decisions from the past year (2018). Staying abreast of current PRA and OPMA case law is crucial for local government employees and officials in order to avoid PRA or OPMA liability. This webinar helps inform local governments about those cases that may affect an agency’s compliance with the PRA and OPMA.