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Biennial Budgeting


Is your agency considering switching to a biennial budget? Then this webinar is for you! Join Redmond Finance Director Mike Bailey and MRSC Policy Consultant Lynn Nordby in an informative discussion about the biennial budgeting process. We'll review the steps you need to take to implement the process and highlight the benefits, and potential challenges, that can come from using this approach.

This webinar is recommended for mayors, commissioners, city managers, finance directors, clerks, councilmembers, and other government leaders looking to implement a biennial budget before the statutory - and practical - deadlines for the next biennial cycle. For cities and towns the last date to pass a biennial budget enabling ordinance for the 2015-2016 biennium is June 30, 2014. Counties have more flexibility but still need to get started soon to meet their own deadlines.


The slides from this presentation are available, in PDF.

Archived Presentation