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Annual Financial Reporting Webinar Series - Reporting Year 2020

Dates: Monday, March 8 Thursday, March 11, 2021
10 AM - 12 PM each day
Cost: $140
Credits: 6.0 CPE credits (see below)


Registration closes Friday, March 7 at 5 PM. This webinar series will be recorded, and all preregistered attendees will receive a link to view the recordings. Read about scholarship opportunities.

Series Overview

The Annual Financial Reporting Webinar Series is designed for ‘cash basis’ cities/towns, counties, and special purpose districts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this training is being held in lieu of the in-person workshops that would normally occur. This series will look at how to file the annual financial report for report year 2020, due no later than May 30, 2021.

Educational Objectives

The series has been developed to meet the need of those individuals responsible for the preparation and filing of the 2020 annual financial report. The series consists of four 2.0-hour webinars, held on consecutive days, with each webinar addressing a specific component of the ‘cash basis’ annual financial report and allowing for Q&A at the end of each session. The series agenda will be as follows:

  • Monday March 8: Preparation Steps for 2020 Annual Financial Report – This session will address the preparation steps needed for reconciliation of financial data, review and analysis of fund classifications (including new GASB 84 requirements for fiduciary funds), and the new fund balance designations for cash basis entities.  
  • Tuesday March 9: Reporting requirements, Schedule 01 and Financial Statements C4/C5 – This session will offer an in-depth discussion on Schedule 01 data, including review and analysis of edit reports received from SAO online system, and includes 2020 reporting requirements and variables for cities, counties, and special purpose districts.
  • Wednesday March 10 Supplemental Schedules 06 to 22 – This session will cover all supplemental schedules, including a detailed discussion of Schedule 06 (bank reconciliation) for cities/towns and counties and expanded reporting requirements for Schedule 09 including OPEB liabilities.
  • Thursday March 11: Notes to Financial Statements, Review and Submit – This session will offer an in-depth discussion of the individual Notes to Financials, including a discussion of how to tie the notes back to financial statements and supplemental schedules. Closing discussions about the internal/external reviews of the annual report and final submission of your report to the SAO.

Registrants should commit to attending the full series, which has been designed to provide a complete understanding of the various steps needed to prepare the financial statements, notes, and supplemental schedules required for the 2020 financial reporting period.

Who Should Attend?

Clerks, treasurers, clerk-treasurers, finance directors, and any administrative or finance staff responsible for preparing the cash basis annual financial report.


  • Eric Lowell, Finance Consultant, MRSC. Eric has 14 years of experience working for local government in Washington state. He began his governmental finance career at the City of Lakewood and then moved to Timberland Regional Library, where he was the Director of Finance and IT. 
  • Toni Nelson, Retired Finance Consultant, MRSC. Toni has 30 years of local government experience, including her time with MRSC. Previously, she worked for the State Auditor’s Office where she established a focus for cash basis accounting and reporting and as the Clerk/Treasurer for a small town that added to her understanding of the challenges faced by small cash basis entities.


  • Eligible for 6.0 credits of CPE for certified public accountants

Refund policy: Refunds of the webinar fee will be provided minus a $5.00 administrative fee if registration is canceled by 5 PM on Friday, March 7, 2021. If you are registered for the webinar and unable to attend, you will still be able to view the recorded webinar afterwards. However, if you cancel your registration, you will not receive a link to the recording.