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In Focus: Management Sample Issue

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JULY 2012


King County's New Management: Failing Forward and Other Good Ideas

Lynn Nordby, MRSC Management Consultant, and Tracy Burrows, MRSC Executive Director, sat down with Fred Jarrett, Deputy King County Executive, to capture his thoughts on organizational change, strategic planning, failing forward, and other interesting ideas. More from MRSC Insight. 


A Conversation with Fred Jarrett Part 2: Lean Principles

The application of Lean principles in King County is intended to examine every service the county provides as if it were a product being produced. More from MRSC Insight.  




"We recently changed our vacation policy to give people unlimited vacation, so they can take as much time as they want, as long as they get their job done." 

Would this work for you? Or how about offices with no phones, video walls or training like a nuclear submariner? Read this interview with Phil Libin, chief executive of Evernote. More from The New York Times  -  Corner Office.  


Intentionally Unreasonable Government 

What could be achieved if you allowed your mind to "jump the track" and look at the desired outcome without regard to the restrictions of the present systems on how to get there.  William D. Eggers the director of public-sector research at Deloitte discusses using a "disruptive hypothesis" to find radically different ways to deliver public services. More from Governing


Everything old is new again: Two articles on a new (old) subject - zero based budgeting


ZBB Is Back! 

When using zero-base budgeting (ZBB), a local government builds a budget from the ground up, starting from zero. More from Public Management.  More from the IBM Center for the Business of Government


Zero-Base Budgeting: Modern Experiences and Current Perspectives 

Though the apex of its popularity is long past, ZBB has seen renewed interest in today's environment of fiscal constraint. More from Government Finance Review


Too Little Time to Wear All Those Hats?

Serving as a manager of a small community can often mean working with limited time, resources, staff, and in-house expertise. More from Public Management. 


Report - Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce

A new report from the IBM Center for the Business of Government, Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce: Practical Advice for Government Managers, focuses on how increasing generational diversity and technological change is causing a transformation in the ways employers must manage human resources.More from the IBM Center for the Business of Government.


Are social media making the resume obsolete?

While the hiring environment in this CNN Tech article is not mainstream yet...we may begin to see many more candidates presenting themselves as well as searching for positions via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, You Tube, and others. More from CNNTech

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