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In Focus: Finance Sample Issue

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MARCH 2012


Some Tips on Time Commitment and Management for Busy Financial Professionals

In this month's Finance Advisor column, Tracey Dunlap, Director of Finance & Administration, City of Kirkland, offers some tips on time commitment and management for busy finance professionals in these days of "doing more with less." 


Hotel-Motel Tax Alert

Are you getting ready to solicit applications for use of your hotel-motel tax for 2013? Read this first. More from MRSC Insight. 


Official 2012 Population Figures Released by OFM

The population figures used for distribution of state-shared revenues were recently released by the Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM). Detailed information on population estimates for cities, towns and counties may be found on OFM's Official April 1, 2012 Population Estimates Web page. 


Consumer Price Index


Using Evidence to Make Budget Choices

It's official. Superstition is out. Evidence is in. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget has said so. More from Bob Behn's Performance Leadership Report.


Chicago Brings Participatory Budgeting to the U.S.

Participatory budgeting, which started in Latin America, lets citizens determine spending priorities. More from Governing.


Grants for Small Communities

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced the availability of $70 million in funding to improve the health of small communities across the country. More from ICMA.


Rethinking How to Allocate Criminal Justice and Social Service Resources

Three policy briefs help state, county, city, and community officials to identify the drivers of criminal justice costs, implement strategies to relieve spending pressures, and reinvest freed-up funds to yield greater public safety. More from The Urban Institute.


Zero-Base Budgeting: Modern Experiences and Current Perspectives

Though the apex of its popularity is long past, ZBB has seen renewed interest in today's environment of fiscal constraint. More from Government Finance Review.
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