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Government Performance Consortium

In April 2015, MRSC, with the support of the State Auditor's Office's Center for Government Innovation, launched the Government Performance Consortium (GPC).

The purpose of our consortium is to inspire creativity and build capacity by sharing insights and successes, as well as grappling with current and future challenges and continuously seeking solutions among emergent leading practices and examples from multiple management disciplines.

Among the practices we believe to be important components of this framework are:

  1. A compelling shared vision, based on community values and a well-defined mission.
  2. Strategic alignment of business operational goals and investments.
  3. Clarity of focus on customer needs and creating public value.
  4. An inspired workplace culture of curiosity, creativity, and learning that fosters healthy human dynamics.
  5. Responsive managers and leaders capable of holding the truth and measuring our results.
  6. A disciplined approach to systems thinking and continuous improvement
  7. Creative forms of communication and alliances that engage citizens, and transcend traditional boundaries between public, nonprofit and private sectors.

We envision a vital and active “community of practice,” an engaged and committed group of leaders supporting one another to push the boundaries of excellence and create a space where other government leaders can explore, learn and adapt today’s leading practices to create entirely new forms of government designed for a vibrant and dynamic future.

For more about our formation, read the initial launch announcement.

GPC News, Events, and Resources

For the most recent GPC information, including past and upcoming events as well as a variety of tools and information about measuring, evaluating, and improving government performance, see the GPC website:

You can also connect with GPC through Facebook and Twitter, where you can share ideas, pick each other's brains, and generally support and inspire each other, as well as getting updates about upcoming activities and events..

In April 2018, GPC published Strategies for a More Joyful Government, a free, downloadable booklet for civic thinkers and government practitioners to transform government from the inside out. 

Related Resources

MRSC has a number of related topic pages, including:

You may also read about performance measurement on the MRSC Insight blog and visit the SAO’s Resources Database for great examples, toolkits, case studies, and more

Last Modified: September 14, 2020