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In Focus: Planning Sample Issue

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Changes to SEPA Effective on 7/10

This year, the legislature passed amendments to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) that directly affect local governments. More from MRSC Insight.  


Strategies for Winning Infill Development Support

A number of communities have developed exemplary programs to encourage and win support for infill development that respects neighborhood character and adds to the community. More from MRSC Insight.  


Web Sightings - Complete Streets

"Complete Streets" are part of a transportation system that balances the needs of all users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, and motorists. This month we've selected some of our favorite sites on this timely topic.   


The Deadline for Filing for Final Plat Approval - The Rule Keeps Changing!

New legislation has changed (again) the rule for how long after preliminary plat approval an applicant has to file for final plat approval. More from MRSC Insight.  


Civic Cyclists Unite!

We still have a lot of work to do to encourage more bike use in our communities, but we're headed in the right direction. More from
MRSC Insight




Step Out of the Box: Three Engagement Tools to Shake Up The Way You Reach Out

There are so many innovative, exciting ways to do great community engagement these days, and cutting edge communities are inventing new ones every day.  More from Engaging Cities.


Demographic Reversal: Cities Thrive, Suburbs Sputter

Last year, for the first time in more than nine decades, the major cities of the nation's largest metropolitan areas grew faster than their combined suburbs.  More from Brookings.


Get Your Multifamily into a Walkable Town Center

One obvious yet undervalued ingredient of an effective mixed-use town center is the residential component. More from Better Cities & Towns.


Planners Salary Survey

The American Planning Association (APA) has released the findings of its biennial salary survey of the planning profession. More from APA.


Don't Get Mixed-Up on Mixed-Use

While mixed-use can take on many forms, it's typically categorized as  A) vertical mixed-use buildings; B) horizontal mixed-use blocks; or C) mixed-use walkable neighborhoods. More from Better Cities & Towns.


The Dreaded Density Issue

Instead of debating the number of units per acres, planners and city staff should consider addressing types of buildings that are permitted within different zoning categories. More from Better Cities & Towns.


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