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In Focus: Local Government Sample Issue

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How Green is Green?

There are different opinions regarding how effective green buildings really are in saving energy and resources. More from MRSC Insight.   


Five Tips on Supporting a Ballot Proposition

What can local government elected officials and staff do to support a ballot measure (e.g., a tax levy or bond measure)? More from MRSC Inisght.   


MRSC Rosters Overview Webinar - September 12th

Save valuable staff time and financial resources by using MRSC Rosters to host your public works rosters, post your legal notice, and assist businesses in joining your rosters. Register for the free Webinar here.  


MRSC Intergovernmental Purchasing Webinar - August 23

Learn how your agency can tap the power of interlocal agreements to buy goods, services, and equipment more easily and get the best prices available. Register for the free Webinar here.   


More "Must Have" MRSC Research Tools and Resources

Review some of MRSC's best research tools and resources and how you can use them to do "just-in-time" research and to stay informed on the issues that interest you most. More from MRSC Insight .  


CRAB Announces Certified Fuel Tax and CAPP Estimates for 2013

The County Road Administration Board (CRAB) has certified the 2013 estimates for county motor vehicle fuel tax receipts  and county arterial preservation program (CAPP) receipts.  


Climbers, Kayakers, and Skydivers Wear Helmet Cameras - Why Not Firefighters?

Helmet camera videos can be great for training purposes and for reviewing possible modifications to procedures, but they can also cause problems. More from MRSC Insight .  


Close Enough for Government Work 

Next time you hear the expression, "close enough for government work," speak up. Don't let it go without a response. Maybe we can make it just as unacceptable as any other insult based on stereotyping and crude generalization. More from MRSC Insight.



What's Your Magic Number?

Organizations usually have just a few leading indicators - sometimes a single number - that will predict success or identify problems. More from Governing .


Executive and Mayor Announce Innovative Partnership for Rural Protections and Urban Densities

King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn today proposed a new development incentive program that will invest millions of dollars in community infrastructure projects in the South Lake Union neighborhood, while preserving rural farms and forests. More from the City of Seattle.


Social Media and Public Finance: The Odd Couple

Public finance departments are significantly less likely than government in general to use social media or see its value in engaging with constituents. It might be time for this to change. More from Governing .


A "P3" Manifesto

Public/private partnerships (PPPs) are the vehicle of choice to plan and execute many development projects that neither private nor public sector participants could perform on their own. More from Urban Land.
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