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Custom Searches

MRSC's custom search options help you find the answers you need beyond the MRSC website.

Combined City/County Codes Search

Most Washington codes are hosted by Code Publishing with a smaller number being hosted by Municipal Code Corporation. Code Publishing has temporarily disabled their search as they make modifications to their website. You can search Washington codes hosted by Code Publishing through Google by typing in your search term followed by The following is an example you can copy and paste into Google to try it out:
"surface water"

Municipal Code Corporation does not provide a free search option. They have a paid search option but you can also use the same syntax in Google to search their Washington codes. Here is the same example for searching their codes:
"surface water"

City and County Website Searches

Looking for a way to search multiple Washington city or county websites at once to find out what's happening across the state on your query? Use our City and County Website Searches.


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