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MRSC Launches New Website Search

MRSC Launches New Website Search

We've updated our website search system. The new features make it easier to find information, providing more relevant results and allowing you to quickly narrow your search. 

In Focus

Food Security Starts with Affordable Housing for Farmworkers Affordable housing challenges are not limited to urban centers or technology hubs. Smaller towns often struggle to house their workforces and—perhaps less noticeably, but no less acutely—so do agricultural operations. More from Urban Land. January 24, 2020

Tools and Resources

Public Records Act Basics

This webpage offers a general overview of the Washington State Public Records Act (PRA) for state and local government agencies to facilitate PRA compliance.


Responding to Public Records Requests

This webpage offers an overview of the PRA requirements that local governments must comply with when responding to public records requests in Washington State.