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MRSC's Quick Guides for Newly Elected Officials

MRSC's Quick Guides for Newly Elected Officials

January is the month newly elected officials take office across Washington State. MRSC offers a Quick Guide for County and a Quick Guide for City officials to help prepare them for the challenges of governing. 

In Focus

NRPA Exec Offers Predictions for Parks and Rec Parks and recreation agencies in 2019 will continue to confront the opioid crisis, spend more on infrastructure, embrace esports and will struggle with what to do with waste given an unfavorable recycling industry. More from Parks & Recreation. January 14, 2019

Tools and Resources

Roles and Responsibilities of Local Government Leaders

This page provides an overview of the powers of the legislative and executive branches of cities and counties in Washington State, along with practical tips for avoiding conflicts.


Council/Board of Commissioners Rules of Procedure

This page provides an overview and examples of city council and county commission rules of procedure for selected jurisdictions in Washington State.