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Preparing for Small Cell Deployments

Preparing for Small Cell Deployments

The wireless industry wants to deploy small cells across Washington to meet the growing need for cellular data. Cities should take appropriate steps to balance their street designs with the needs of telecommunications firms.

In Focus

Uber Releases Trip Data in Select Cities Uber Movement makes publicly available data for two billion trips taken on the transportation network company. Uber says the data should benefit urban planners. More from TechCrunch. September 25, 2017

Tools and Resources

Use of Public Facilities to Support or Oppose Ballot Propositions

This page provides an overview of the state law prohibiting the use of public facilities to support or oppose a ballot measure or an election campaign for public office by any local government official or employee.


Candidate Information Resources for Local Government Elective Offices

Running for public office? This page offers information and links to resources for persons who are considering filing for public office or have already filed.