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What Can Local Governments Do About Drones

What Can Local Governments Do About Drones

This blog post will provide a quick overview of what local governments in Washington can and cannot do to regulate drone use in their jurisdiction.

In Focus

Assessing Jurisdictional Risk A thorough all-hazards Jurisdictional Risk Assessment can help a jurisdiction determine what its highest frequency/highest impact risks are. More from Emergency Management. March 24, 2017

Tools and Resources

Annual Financial Reporting Checklists

These checklists can help local governments submit an error-free report to the State Auditor's Office by the May 30th deadline. Includes specialized lists for citites/towns/counties and special purpose districts. 


Marijuana Regulation in Washington State

This page offers up-to-date information on how local governments in Washington State have zoned for state-licensed marijuana businesses as well as how counties have adopted a variety of minimum lot sizes and setback requirements for marijuana production.