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Building the Budget Around the Community It Serves

Building the Budget Around the Community It Serves

Redmond Finance Director Mike Bailey explains how Redmond shifted its budgeting process to better focus on citizen priorities.

In Focus

Elevator Speech for New Urbanism Every advocate of compact neighborhoods should have communications skills and top of the list is the elevator pitch. It should be positive and on the tip of your tongue. More from Better Cities & Towns. June 29, 2015

Emerging Issues and Featured Practices

Free Statewide Membership to Alliance for Innovation Available through MRSC

As part of MRSC’s Government Performance Initiative, we’ve partnered with the State Auditor’s Office’s Local Government Performance Center, to secure free membership to the Alliance for Innovation for all local governments in Washington.

New Guidance on Agency Text Messaging

The Washington State Archives recently released five “Advice Sheets” to help local governments understand the public record requirements of text messages.