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Important Reminder about Prohibiting Fireworks beginning in 2017

Important Reminder about Prohibiting Fireworks beginning in 2017

Any local fireworks ordinances that are more restrictive than state law may not take effect until at least one year after adoption. So, if a city or county wishes to prohibit fireworks effective for the 4th of July season beginning in 2017, it must adopt that prohibition prior to this 4th of July season, which begins on June 28 (when state law allows fireworks to be discharged). See our Fireworks Regulation webpage for more information and example ordinances.

In Focus

Public-Private Partnerships Are the Best Way to Expand Internet Access, Says Seattle Mayor Some residents and interest groups have long pushed for a city-run broadband network, saying it would help reduce access inequality. More from Government Techology. May 2, 2016

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Examples of PRA Policies and Procedures

State and local government agencies must “adopt and enforce reasonable rules and regulations” to facilitate public access to public records, while at same time “prevent interference with other essential functions of the agency” (RCW 42.56.100 and 42.56.040). MRSC has compiled examples of various policies, including some innovative approaches, showcasing how different jurisdictions meet this requirement.

Tax Reliance of Washington Cities

The two main sources of revenue for Washington cities comes from sales tax and property tax. MRSC’s new tax reliance map illustrates how each of Washington’s cities stacked up in terms of their relative reliance on either of these two sources of revenue in 2015.