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Ballot Measure Details

Election Results

Pass / Fail: Failed
Yes: 49.87%
No: 50.13%
Election Date: August 2016

Jurisdiction: Snohomish County
County: Snohomish
Subject: Criminal Justice

Ballot Measure Text: Criminal Justice Sales and Use Tax. The Snohomish County Council passed Ordinance No. 16-032 concerning a criminal justice sales and use tax. This proposition would authorize the imposition of a county-wide sales and use tax, in addition to any other taxes authorized by law, of two tenths of one percent (0.2% -- 20 cents for every $100) to be used for criminal justice purposes, as authorized by RCW 82.14.450.

Funding Type/Statutory Authority: Public Safety Sales Tax (RCW 82.14.450)
Tax Amount: $.002