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Ballot Measure Details

Election Results

Pass / Fail: Passed
Yes: 66.82%
No: 33.18%
Election Date: November 2018

Jurisdiction: Bellingham
County: Whatcom
Subject: Affordable Housing

Ballot Measure Text: Proposition 2018-5 Low-Income Housing Levy. The City of Bellingham Council adopted Resolution No. 2018-09 concerning property taxes for low-income housing and related services.

This proposition would replace and enhance existing levies to fund housing and housing services for people with low or very low incomes by authorizing a (1) property tax increase of $0.12/$1,000 in assessed valuation (to $2.25/$1,000) for collection in 2019-2028 (the 2019 amount would be used to compute the limitations for subsequent levies for collection in 2020-2028); and (2) regular property tax levy of up to $0.24/$1,000 under RCW 84.52.105; each for ten years, together generating $4,000,000 annually.

Should this proposition be approved?

Funding Type/Statutory Authority: Affordable Housing Regular Levy (RCW 84.52.105), Levy Lid Lift (RCW 84.55.050)
Levy (Per $1000 A/V): $0.36