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Park Rules and Policies

This page contains sample parks and recreation rules and policies from local governments in Washington State, including nondiscrimination policies and code enforcement provisions.

General Park Rules and Regulations

This section includes examples of general park rules and regulations from Washington local governments.

City Provisions

County Provisions

Special District Park Rules

Community Athletics Program Nondiscrimination Policies

In 2009, the State Legislature adopted Ch. 467 Laws of 2009, to help better ensure non-discrimination with regard to community athletics programs. The legislation is codified at RCW 49.60.500 and RCW 49.60.505, and RCW 35.21.910 (for cities), and RCW 36.01.280 (for counties). The basic requirements are clearly spelled out in RCW 49.60.505. The legislation requires a nondiscrimination policy, which must be published and disseminated.

Legislative Background

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal statute created to prohibit sex discrimination in education programs that receive federal financial assistance. Nearly every educational institution is a recipient of federal funds, and therefore is required to comply with Title IX. In 1975 Washington adopted its own Title IX legislation in RCW 28A.640.010, which prohibits inequality in the educational opportunities afforded women and girls at all levels of public schools in Washington State. This legislation, Ch. 467 L09, was needed to extend the protection of Title IX to opportunities in community athletic programs.

Local Government Policies

The following are a few sample nondiscrimination policies from Washington jurisdictions.

Parks Code Enforcement - Exclusion of Violators

This section includes examples of park code enforcement and exclusion of violators from certain public parks.

Last Modified: April 02, 2021