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List of Metropolitan Park Districts

This page lists the existing metropolitan park districts (MPDs) in Washington State that MRSC is aware of, including their governance and the purpose for which they were created.

For an overview of metropolitan park districts in general, including their formation, powers, and funding, see our page on Metropolitan Park Districts.

Current Metropolitan Park Districts

As of 2021, MRSC is aware of 23 metropolitan park districts within the state. (See our Local Ballot Measure Database for results since November 2011).

This table lists the existing MPDs in alphabetical order, with links to the MPD website (if available).

MPD Election Date Boundaries Governance Purpose
Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District Sept. 2004 Bainbridge Island Elected board Maintain and operate park and recreation facilities, replacing an earlier park and recreation district with less stable funding.
Chuckanut Community Forest and Recreation District Feb. 2013 Part of Bellingham Elected board Pay off an interfund loan that Bellingham used to purchase a tract of forest used as an informal park. Board intends to dissolve district upon repayment.
Colfax Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2016 Colfax City council (ex officio) Operate and maintain existing swimming pool and parks.
Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2009 Des Moines Elected board Maintain and operate existing Mt. Rainier Pool (with additional funding from Normandy Park MPD and Highline School District).
Eastmont Metro Parks and Recreation May 2004 East Wenatchee and nearby unincorporated areas of Douglas County Elected board Maintain existing park services and facilities, replacing the Eastmont Park and Recreation Service Area which lacked adequate funding
Fall City Metropolitan Park District March 2009 Fall City area (unincorporated King County) Elected board Maintain, improve, and acquire park and recreation facilities.
Greater Clark Parks District Feb. 2005 Vancouver unincorporated growth area (Clark County) County council (ex officio) Maintain, operate, and construct neighborhood parks, sports fields, and trails.
Key Peninsula Metropolitan Park District Feb. 2004 Key Peninsula (unincorporated Pierce County) Elected board Maintain and operate park and recreation facilities, replacing the Key Peninsula Park and Recreation District.
Metro Parks Tacoma 1907 Tacoma and nearby unincorporated Pierce County, including Browns Point & Dash Point Elected board First MPD in state. Operates extensive parks, community centers, and zoo/nature facilities.
Normandy Park Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2009 Normandy Park City council (ex officio) Help fund existing Mt. Rainier Pool (along with Des Moines Pool MPD and Highline School District).
Odessa Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2020 Odessa School District within Lincoln County Elected board Maintain and improve Odessa swimming pool facilities.
Olympia Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2015 Olympia City council (ex officio) Improve and expand city park system
Peninsula Metropolitan Park District May 2004 Unincorporated Pierce County near Gig Harbor Elected board Maintain and improve park and recreation facilities. Replaced earlier park and recreation district following series of ballot measures that fell narrowly short of the required 60% approval.
Pullman Metropolitan Park District Sept. 2002 Pullman City council (ex officio) Maintenance and operation of park facilities due to general fund shortfalls
Seattle Park District Aug. 2014 Seattle City council (ex officio) Maintenance and improvement of existing park facilities to address $267 million backlog
Shelton Metropolitan Park District April 2010 Shelton City council (ex officio) Fund park and recreation facilities owned by the city.
Si View Metropolitan Park District Feb. 2003 North Bend and nearby unincorporated King County Elected board Operate the Si View Park Community Center and Pool, which had been closed due to county budget cuts, as well as other park facilities.
Stevenson Community Pool District Feb. 2021 City of Stevenson and urban growth area Elected board Maintain and operate Stevenson swimming pool.
Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District April 2011 Tukwila Elected board Operate the Tukwila Pool, preventing potential closure following recession and general fund shortfalls.
Tumwater Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2018 Tumwater City council (ex officio) Maintain and improve city parks
Village Green Metropolitan Park District Aug. 2008 Kingston area (unincorporated Kitsap County) Elected board Pay a portion of the capital costs for the new Village Green community center
White Salmon Valley Pool Metropolitan Park District Nov. 2018 Bingen-White Salmon Elected board Construct, operate, and maintain White Salmon Valley swimming pool
William Shore Memorial Pool Park District May 2009 Port Angeles School District No. 121 (City of Port Angeles and part of unincorporated Clallam County) 2 county commissioners, 2 city councilmembers, 1 resident elected by the board Operate the William Shore Memorial Pool, preventing its closure.

Failed Metropolitan Park Districts

In recent years, voters have defeated about two-thirds of the proposed metropolitan park district measures, often by overwhelming margins. The MRSC Local Ballot Measure Database, which goes back to the 2011 general election, includes the following examples:

  • Bonney Lake - Would have assumed ownership of some or all of the city's parks and recreational facilities. Received 20% in 2013 general election.
  • Ferndale - Would have supplemented existing funding for city parks. Received 41% in 2015 general election.
  • Kirkland - Would have paid for a proposed aquatic/community center, as well as park improvements. Received 37% in 2015 general election.
  • Lacey - Would have created district to fund city parks, governed by city council ex officio. Received 48% in 2018 general election.
  • Mason County - Would have funded park and trail improvements in the unincorporated county. Received 36% in 2016 general election.
  • Okanogan County - Submitted by petition to form a new recreation district in Methow Valley. Received 22% in April 2014 special election.
  • Sequim - Would have funded the existing Sequim Aquatic and Recreation Center (SARC). Received 42% in 2015 primary election and SARC was forced to close.
  • Skamania County - Would have funded the existing Stevenson Pool. Received 40% in 2014 general election.
  • Snohomish - Would have supplemented existing funding for park maintenance and operations. Received 31% in 2015 primary election.
  • University Place - Submitted by petition to stave off elimination of city recreation programs. Received 35% in April 2016 special election.
  • Vancouver - Would have supplemented existing funding for city parks. Received 34% of vote in 2012 general election.

Last Modified: April 02, 2021