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Suggested Guidelines for Purchasing, Bidding, and Contracting for Washington State Conservation Districts

Conservation districts are formed under the aegis of Ch. 89.08 RCW, which establishes a framework for how districts are formed and their general powers. MRSC's Suggested Guidelines document, written specifically for conservation districts, is based almost entirely on policy guidance developed by Washington State Conservation Commission staff in 2003. The document was updated for current Washington State purchasing and public works contracting statutes in 2016.

These guidelines explain general practices and procedures a conservation district is required to use when acquiring goods and/or services to accomplish grant projects using Conservation Commission funding. It also includes an explanation of public works and prevailing wage statutes and how they apply to conservation districts.

Conservation districts will also want to utilize MRSC's Small Works Roster Manual and our Purchasing and Contracting webpages, which contain information and sample documents for a wide variety of purchasing, bidding, and public works contracting scenarios.

Last Modified: November 02, 2020