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Local Truck Routes and Weight Restrictions

This page provides an overview of truck routes and weight restrictions for local governments in Washington State, including statutory requirements and examples of city and county ordinances.

For examples of parking restrictions for commercial trucks and large vehicles, see our page Parking and Storage of Oversized Vehicles.


Local authorities are authorized by RCW 46.44.080 to prohibit the operation of motor trucks or other vehicles and to impose limits as to their weight under certain circumstances. The local authority imposing such restrictions do so by proper ordinance or resolution, and it must erect and maintain signs designating the provisions of the ordinance at each end of the public highway affected before the ordinance or resolution takes effect.

However, local authorities may not prohibit the use of any street designated by the State Transportation Commission as forming a part of any primary state highway or impose any restrictions or reductions in permissible weights unless the restrictions are first approved in writing by the State Department of Transportation.


  • Ch. 46.44 RCW – Size, Weight, Load
  • RCW 46.61.450 – Maximum speed, weight, or size in traversing bridges, elevated structures, tunnels, underpasses -- Posting limits
  • RCW 47.48.010 – Closing highways and restricting traffic
  • RCW 36.75.270 – Limitation of type or weight of vehicles authorized for counties

Examples of Local Truck Restrictions

Below are selected examples of local truck route and weight restrictions imposed by cities and counties in Washington State, as well as examples of permit applications for oversize or overweight vehicles.



Permit Applications

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Last Modified: April 02, 2021