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City Officials


  • To add a new official or replace a former official: First, please remove any former officials using the "remove" button. Then, add any new officials using the "add city official" option. Do NOT use the "update" button to replace an official.
  • To update the information for an existing official: To update an existing official's title or contact information, please use the "update" option. If the official has had a name change, such as adopting a new last name, please email MRSC Librarian Gabrielle Nicas.

Contact information provided will be used by MRSC and AWC for communication with our members.


New Officials - Pending

Title Name

Current Officials

Title Name Update Remove Pending
Councilmember Tim Daniels Update Remove No
Councilmember Anna Maria de Freitas Update Remove No
Councilmember Steve Hushebeck Update Remove No
Councilmember Noel Monin Update Remove No
Councilmember Barbara Starr Update Remove No
Finance Director Kelle' Wilson Update Remove No
Human Resources Director Duncan Wilson Update Remove No
Land Use Administrator Michael Bertrand Update Remove No
Mayor Farhad Ghatan Update Remove No
Public Works Director Wayne Haefele Update Remove No
Systems Administrator Mike Greene Update Remove No
Town Administrator Duncan Wilson Update Remove No
Town Attorney Michael Kenyon Update Remove No
Town Clerk Amy Taylor Update Remove No