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Three Things You Should Know about FLSA and the MWA (but Maybe You Don’t)

Three Things You Should Know about FLSA and the MWA (but Maybe You Don’t)

March 2, 2016  by  Paul Sullivan
Category:  Leave Policies Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum Wage

Although the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state Minimum Wage Act (MWA) are not new, they still raise questions. Here are a few issues you may not be aware of.

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How Is Employee Travel Time Treated Under the Fair Labor Standards Act?

February 19, 2013  by  Paul Sullivan
Category:  Compensation Fair Labor Standards Act

When an employee travels to work in the morning and then travels home at the end of the work day, that travel time is not “work time.” But what if the employee, at home after work, is then called back to work? Or if the employee must travel to another city for training? Does it matter if the employee drives his or her own car to an out-of-town assignment? Or if he or she travels as a passenger...

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Fair Labor Standards Act Classifications: Are Your Employees Correctly Classified?

March 1, 2012  by  Jennifer A. Parda
Category:  HR Advisor Fair Labor Standards Act

Stepped-up enforcement from the U.S. Department of Labor highlights the importance for employers to ensure that employees are properly classified under FLSA, as well as the high monetary costs that can ensue if they aren't.

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