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Government of the Future: Introducing the Government Performance Consortium

April 14, 2015  by  Larisa Benson
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Government of the Future: Introducing the Government Performance Consortium

Government agencies today are not much changed in structure or culture from their predecessors of past decades.  In stark contrast, citizens’ expectations for speed and service accessibility – driven by the information age – exceed most governments’ current capacities.  What does our future look like?

Washington State and her local government jurisdictions have often been recognized nationally for innovative and effective public management strategies. Our experiments in results-based budgeting, performance measurement, lean systems thinking, and private-public partnerships have captured the attention of scholars and journalists.  Indeed, we should celebrate and honor all that we have achieved!  

And from that position of hope and pride, I offer a call to action – to boldly go where no government has gone before. Many of my local government colleagues are unsatisfied with the status quo and yesterday’s organizational models.  We are fully cognizant that there is no “single silver bullet.”  We want to pursue new ideas not just because they are new, but because we believe they have real, practical applications and the potential to radically improve ourselves as leaders, our teams, our organizations, and our communities.
Today we are launching a new initiative – called the Government Performance Consortium – where civic thinkers can explore the next horizon of the modern government organization.

The purpose of our consortium is to inspire creativity and build capacity by sharing insights and successes, as well as grappling with current and future challenges and continuously seeking solutions among emergent leading practices and examples from multiple management disciplines.

Among the practices we believe to be important components of this framework are:

  1. A compelling shared vision, based on community values and a well-defined mission.
  2. Strategic alignment of business operational goals and investments.
  3. Clarity of focus on customer needs and creating public value.
  4. An inspired workplace culture of curiosity, creativity, and learning that fosters healthy human dynamics.
  5. Responsive managers and leaders capable of holding the truth and measuring our results.
  6. A disciplined approach to systems thinking and continuous improvement
  7. Creative forms of communication and alliances that engage citizens, and transcend traditional boundaries between public, nonprofit and private sectors.

We envision a vital and active “community of practice,” an engaged and committed group of leaders supporting one another to push the boundaries of excellence and create a space where other government leaders can explore, learn and adapt today’s leading practices to create entirely new forms of government designed for a vibrant and dynamic future. 

Are you interested and want to get on board? 

  • Join us for the kick-off. Our inaugural event will be the “From Public Good to Public Great” forum on May 21 in Seattle, featuring government change and innovation agent Ken Miller, author of Extreme Government Makeover and We Don’t Make Widgets.  You can follow information about the conference via twitter with the hashtag #WAGPC2015.
  • Join the discussion on Facebook! We've started a Facebook Group to talk all things transformative government. Post articles that inspire you. Share examples of transformative government. Pose questions for discussion or as topics at upcoming forums. Whatever excites you about the future of government, we want to hear about it!
  • Ask Ken a question. What burning questions do you have for Ken or other colleagues who are attempting to transform their government organizations? Post them on our Facebook page or on twitter with the hashtag #WAGPC2015 and we'll forward them on to Ken Miller so he may provide his thoughts and suggestions at the May 21 forum.

MRSC is a private nonprofit organization serving local governments in Washington State. Eligible government agencies in Washington State may use our free, one-on-one Ask MRSC service to get answers to legal, policy, or financial questions.

About Larisa Benson

Larisa Benson writes for MRSC as an Government Performance Advisor.

Larisa Benson is a teacher of management disciplines, a seeker of new ideas and a fan of people who choose to give their energy and talent in service to community. She is a principal consultant with The Athena Group and a faculty member at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs.

The views expressed in Advisor columns represent the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of MRSC.



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